4th Grade Art and Design

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

After four previous years of art education, eAchieve Academy’s 4th grade students can really begin to build a better, more complex understanding of art and design. Our lesson plans are built around the standards set by the state of Wisconsin, ensuring our students are gaining the most knowledge they can when it comes to expressive and creative techniques.

Learning Targets

Beginning to understand the role of art criticism and knowledge is one of the most important lessons our students learn during this year of study. Our students will be taught about the different concepts of beauty existing in different cultures around the world. Understanding the different between original, reproduced, and copied artworks will also be learned. It is also at this point in their education when our students will begin to tie art into other areas of learning such as sciences, technology, and social studies.

Students will take time to invent new ways to communicate ideas and solutions to problems in art using what they are learning about life, nature, and people to aid in their creations. A variety of tools, words, numbers, sounds, movements, emotions, and spaces will be used in practice to help students understand and communicate about the world. Students will explore how personal traits, independent thinking, courage, and dedication can all play a role in the creation of personal styles of art.