1st Grade Art and Design

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

First grade students at eAhieve Academy must continue to understand the value of communicating ideas through art. In accordance with standards set by the state of Wisconsin, our first grade art and design program uses observational exercises to improve our students’ expressive and creative thinking.

Learning Targets

The learning targets designed by the state of Wisconsin for grade 1 are fully implemented into our lesson plans. Our students will be taught to understand how the design of art changes its overall meaning and can improve its appearance. Students will also be asked to look at nature and other works of natural and man-made art as visual resources as their own information to draw from in the future. Sketching will be practiced as an effort to help children develop ideas for their art before they begin to develop basic skills to produce quality artwork. The natural characteristics and limitations of materials used for artwork will be studied alongside being aware of one’s own creative process to help students better understand their own work. Personal responsibility will be established for students’ own learning and creative processes. Our students will also be taught about the basic history of public art, artists, designers, critics, and architecture of their own cultural community. Students will also gain an understanding of the environment surrounding a piece of art, whether it be natural or man-made, heavily influences a design. The basic language used in art will be taught, including the familiarization of words such as “originality” and “symmetry” being inducted into our students’ vocabulary. Problem solving skills will also be developed through the promotion of fluency, flexibility, and elaboration in students’ artworks.