Kindergarten Art and Design

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Waukesha’s eAchieve Academy follows the state of Wisconsin’s education standards for all of our courses. When it comes to our art and design program, we value growing creative skills just as much as logical or technical abilities with our focus on visual memory and shape recognition development.

Learning Targets

At this young stage in life, it is our goal to have our students develop a basic mental storehouse of images. These images will be made up of colors, shapes, animals, and buildings the individual can create their own associations for. Along with basic images, our Kindergarten students will learn simple vocabulary related to art and about the styles of art from different times and parts of the world. Our students will also learn about art being one of the greatest achievements of human beings and how it’s used as a basic way of thinking and communicating about the world, most times without words.

Kindergarteners will gain the basic understanding of artists throughout history have used art as a catalyst to develop functions, structures, and designs in the world. Children of all ages must know how art is shaped by culture, society, and specific times in history, meaning art will have different meanings in separate parts of the globe. Kindergarteners will be introduced to the environmental and aesthetic issues related to the design of packaging and industrial products while exploring the elements and principles of quality design.