5th Grade Art and Design

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

At the end of their elementary education, fifth grade students have gathered a vast array of knowledge regarding art and design education at eAchieve Academy. In line with standards set by the state of Wisconsin, our students will work on culminating years of lessons to complete their elementary level understanding of art.

Learning Targets

Our fifth grade students will learn more appropriate art vocabulary and will explore how artists through cultures and history have used art to communicate about their world. Students will work on recognizing form, function, and meaning in art and design as expressive qualities. Beyond this, our students will be taught about different works of art and designs and the elements and principles existing in them. Students will develop an understanding of what makes a quality design and will learn how to communicate complex ideas through drawings, paintings, etc. Learning how to make informed judgements regarding media and television will be another major focus this year. When it comes down to it, fifth graders will leave eAchieve Academy knowing how to find the meanings behind an artwork or design.