3rd Grade Art and Design

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Art and design education is important as it gives students the confidence they need to express themselves creatively. In line with standards set by the state of Wisconsin, eAchieve Academy offers art and design courses focused on teaching students about the value and importance of creative thinking.

Learning Targets

When it comes to our lesson plans, our students will be immersed into the world of art and design to receive a well-rounded education encouraging creative and emotional development. In third grade, patterns and colors in nature will be studied with drawing used to examine objects closely. Students will learn how to show differences among colors, textures, and shapes in their artwork while creating 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional pieces of art. Students will be taught how to read simple maps, charts, and plans along with learning how artists make their work. Art will be used to help students understand their own feelings or how it can make them feel. Students will talk or write about these feelings to recognize their own emotional reactions to art, whether it is made by someone from another time, place, culture, or their own. Visual ideas and objects may also be developed independently or with others to help students fully understand the importance of materials and techniques used in this expressive process. This course will lead our students to having a better understanding of their own ideas, artistic or not, and about the purposes and meanings of art in its different forms.