eAchieve is different from other internet-based learning programs and for-profit charter schools. We are a not-for-profit online school in Wisconsin focused on putting educated graduates into the world with a clear path to attain their academic and career goals. Our teachers and staff are committed to each student’s success, and to giving ALL students an equal opportunity to learn their own way. Our online K-12 school is tuition-free and has been a huge success for students all over the state of Wisconsin. Experience the convenience and excellence of our K-12 program in Wisconsin with eAchieve.

  • Enroll part-time or full-time based on your need
  • For Wisconsin residents, the cost of switching to online K-12 school is nothing
  • Online K-12 education can be an excellent alternative for students with anxiety
  • Online K-12 education can open doors for all sorts of different students
  • eAchieve instructors are fully Wisconsin certified and some of the best in the state
  • You can begin taking online classes anytime, even mid-year given you meet a few requirements
  • If you are a Wisconsin resident AND of under the age of 21, eAchieve Academy is absolutely FREE
  • Get a free laptop worth up to $400 from Milwaukee PC. All you have to do is stay enrolled and passing your classes
  • Not every school offers the credits needed to get into major universities. eAchieve Academy does
  • Join clubs, attend events, and interact with other students at your own discretion

Your choices for K12 online school enrollment continue to become more and more diverse. Students have many more options beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only way to make the best choice for your child is to know all of your options. You may elect public traditional brick-and-mortar schools, virtual school options, independent schools, private schools and many different variations. Learn how to enroll in online school at eAchieve.

Enrollment Info

Full Time Students

By choosing to enroll in online school, as opposed to attending a traditional, face-to-face school, students take learning into their own hands. While attending eAchieve Academy, you are taught the same materials and courses as a traditional school.

Full-Time Enrollment

Part Time Students

High school and home school students can enroll in one or two online classes every semester and still go to the same school you currently attend. eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of core classes, honors classes, AP classes and electives.

Part-Time Enrollment

Mid-Year Transfers

Students who want to transfer from their current school full-time to eAchieve for online high, middle or elementary school can do so for the remainder of the school year. To transfer to eAchieve during the school year, you must meet one of the open enrollment exceptions.

Immediate Transfer