The Lasting Advantages of an Online High School Education

Do online students turn out more employable, responsible & effective? Some say yes.

“Formal learning can teach you a great deal, but many of the essential skills in life are the ones you have to develop on your own.”

–Lee Iacocca

The benefits of online high school are becoming better known all the time, and many are surprised to learn how online schooling can give you an edge even after graduation.

Unsurprisingly, online students almost always have above average abilities in reading, writing, independent study and internet technology. But the real advantages of taking online high school classes are the life skills students in traditional schools tend to learn later (or not at all).

The traits of an excellent online learner are the same as the traits of a successful person. By coming to eAchieve Academy, students are offered the opportunity to get a head start on life by developing personal skills they will use throughout their lives.

3 Utterly priceless life skills online students learn faster & Better:

Time Management & Organization

In a traditional public high school your schedule is made for you. You have teachers, hall monitors, classmates and bells to remind you throughout the day. Because online high schools offer flexibility, it’s up to students to learn how to manage their time and work effectively. Balancing school commitments with other obligations serves students well in college and beyond.

Critical Thinking & Decision-Making

Traditionally, a public education involves giving students information and explaining how to use it to complete schoolwork. Online learning helps students develop better research skills and the ability to apply new information to the task at hand. Online students have more opportunities to practice making decisions without overreliance on instructions. Internet research teaches patience and the critical ability to judge the reliability of a source.

Responsibility & Discipline

Without daily face time with teachers and fellow students, it’s up to you to keep track of your assignments and exam schedule. Online students are held accountable for completing the necessary work and asking for help when they need it. Developing the ability to get something done—especially when you don’t feel like it—will help you build up priceless discipline. No matter what you want to succeed in, you need self-discipline to get you there.

3 ways online high school gives you more control over your life:

Online high school gives you a head start in college.

  • AP classes offered at eAchieve help prepare students for college courses and can even earn you college credit ahead of time.
  • Taking one or two online classes each semester while still attending your regular school can help you graduate early.
  • Mastering time management and independent study skills in high school means you’re better prepared for a challenging university schedule.

Online education makes you a more desirable employee.

  • Being able to meet deadlines and ask for help are skills employers in practically any industry value highly.
  • Many jobs require being comfortable using technology and the internet and strong communication skills, two things online students get plenty of practice in.
  • eAchieve offers free online high school classes in web design, accounting, event marketing, programming and many other ‘real world’ skills.

Online learning cultivates leadership skills.

  • Choosing to take greater responsibility for your own education means more practice problem-solving and learning to trust your instincts.
  • Online education takes you farther along in the evolution from dependent child to self-directed adult.
  • Whether you choose college, employment, entrepreneurship or a different path after graduation, you’ll have more of a say in what happens to you.

Virtual education has real-world advantages

There are important pros and cons of virtual high school. One of the biggest advantages is the opportunity to take ownership of your education rather than following a prescribed course, or falling in with a crowd and adopting their goals and values. Online high school classes are also a great way for students to earn high school credits online for free if they need to make up a class or want to graduate early.

Active learners who ask questions, request help and participate in discussions are most likely to find success in virtual classrooms and in life.