How to Graduate High School Early in Wisconsin

Free online high school classes help motivated students get ahead

If you want to graduate high school early, the first step is understanding the high school graduation requirements in Wisconsin.

Once you know how many class credits stand between you and graduation, consider your plans after high school to inform your course choices.

For high school students planning to attend college, we recommend taking the types of classes colleges look for. If you want to graduate early to start earning money sooner, travel, or for any number of reasons not related to college, you can stick with the minimum classes required to earn your degree.

Early graduation has pros and cons, and each student’s situation is different. To learn how free online high school classes can help you meet your academic goals, contact eAchieve Academy today.

How to earn your high school diploma faster

It’s possible to earn high school credit more quickly by:

You may want to speak with your high school guidance counselor about your plans, to make sure your extra classes and effort pay off.

eAchieve Academy is a free online public charter school open to Wisconsin students under 21. Our students have access to academic advisors and guidance counselors who can help you with meeting graduation requirements, career planning and college acceptance.

How to Graduate High School Early Online

Graduating from online high school early is easier than graduating early from a traditional high school. Virtual education is truly personalized learning, allowing students to:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Take classes when it’s convenient—not according to a rigid schedule
  • Contact your teachers by phone or email when you need help
  • Enroll part-time and earn extra high school credit while still attending your regular school

Online high school has many benefits—the ability to plan an early graduation is just one of them.

eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of free online high school classes, including AP and advanced courses. Even if you don’t graduate early, you can still graduate high school with college credits (which can help you save money on college tuition).

Early graduation is possible with eAchieve

High school students in Wisconsin have many different reasons for wanting to graduate early. Whether early graduation is a benefit or a hardship depends on your motivation, maturity level and post-graduation plans.

Whatever your motivation, eAchieve Academy can help you earn high school credit for free online so you can move forward with your plans.

If you’re determined to graduate high school a semester or a year early, get in touch with us to learn more about how online high school can help you meet your academic goals.