Transfer High Schools & Graduate Early Online

Are you a student looking to transfer and finish high school early online? Maybe you are interested in traveling before heading off to college or want to jump into the workforce or military. Whatever your reason is, online high school offers you accelerated learning options to graduate in three to three and a half years with a high school diploma. Learn more about how to transfer to an online school and achieve your academic goal of graduating early. 

Transfer High Schools

Making the switch from a traditional public high school to an online school can be easy, but there are some important steps to take.

Requirements for Admissions

To be admitted as a student, you will need to identify what your online school requires. All Wisconsin residents under 21 are eligible to apply and finish their high school diploma online tuition-free at eAchieve. You can even qualify for a free laptop.


It’s easier than you think to transfer high schools. Our virtual academy equips high school students with the tools to take control of their high school career and eliminates unnecessary restrictions like a fixed schedule. Whether you’re interested in full time or part time enrollment, find out everything you need to know on our Enrollment page.

Choosing Classes

eAchieve Academy has a wide selection of high school classes, including AP and advanced courses, experienced teachers and career-planning resources. Our school counselors can help you make the right decisions when choosing your courses to meet graduation and college requirements. 

Finish High School Early Online

Online high school makes graduating early easier compared to traditional high school. You have the ability to complete courses on your schedule and the freedom to work at your own pace. Once you transfer high schools, it is important to know the requirements for graduating in order to finish high school early online.

High School Credits

You will need to get a copy of your original high school transcripts to know how many credits you’ve earned, and how many you still need to graduate. Online high school gives you the flexibility to work at a faster pace than traditional schooling to complete courses to help you graduate early.

Full Time or Part Time Enrollment

If you still want to attend your regular school, enrolling in online classes part-time can help you earn extra high school credits to finish high school early online. Full time enrollment allows you to set your own schedule, and work at an accelerated pace. 

Regardless of why you want to graduate high school early, eAchieve Academy can help you achieve your goal! Learn more about how online high school can help you meet your academic goals.