Do Colleges Accept Online High School Diplomas?

The short answer is – yes! Most colleges, universities and technical/vocational colleges accept students who graduate from an online high school. In fact, students who earned their high school diploma online have been accepted at colleges and universities all over the United States and even Internationally. 

In most cases, colleges will want to know if the online high school is part of a public school system or is independently accredited. A diploma earned at an online school that is chartered by a public school district is generally considered the same as a diploma earned at a brick and mortar public school. A school can also be accredited by an independent accrediting organization.

What Does Accredited Mean?

Some schools are registered but may not be accredited. Accreditation is an assessment of a school to determine if it meets the required federal and state standards. Online schools may be accredited by either a regional or national agency and are therefore measured as authentic and a standard for quality. Accreditation is evaluated regularly and schools can lose accreditation if students don’t meet educational standards, there aren’t enough teachers, or teachers don’t have the required educational backgrounds. 

eAchieve Academy is part of the School District of Waukesha, Wisconsin and is a recognized public high school by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. No eAchieve graduate has ever been denied admission to a college or university because they earned their diploma online. See the colleges and universities that eAchieve graduates have attended. For more information about our online high school courses or about enrollment, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!