Develop a time-management strategy

Successful online students develop time-management strategies that help them get schoolwork done with plenty of time.

Create your ideal study environment

Online students often find it important to have a dedicated study area. Quiet spaces with little distractions help students stay productive.

Use the pace chart and a calendar

To prepare for online success, a plan of action for your schoolwork such as pace charts and calendars are helpful to stay on pace in class.

Log into each course daily

For online student success, it's important for students to check into courses daily to stay updated on upcoming tasks and due dates.

Check your school email a few times each day

Communication is key, online students are recommended to check their school email a few times a day for new messages or updates.

Attend the weekly eSessions

Weekly eSessions are great for online students to connect with teachers and other students to stay motivated to do their schoolwork.

Interact with the instructor and ask for help

Students are encouraged to ask teachers for help when needed. Teachers can help solve any roadblocks a student is having.

Connect with your classmates

Teamwork makes the dream work. Students who work together often learn more and can grasp subjects more thoroughly.

Make the most of online discussions

Students that participate and engage in online discussions get more out of the class, which has a positive impact on their grades.

Apply what you learn

Successful eAchieve students often apply what they learn in class to their everyday life to help understand the topic or assignment.

Back up your work regularly

Online school can be frustrating when the internet isn't working properly or a computer dies unexpectedly. Be sure to save all your hard work often and have a back up for larger projects.

Most importantly, stay on pace!

One of the most important pieces of online learning is to stay on pace with the class and plan for hard deadlines to avoid last-minute stress.



Self-motivated students thrive in online learning since they are able to effectively work independently.

Good Reading & Writing Skills

Good Reading & Writing Skills

These skills are essential to online students to understand assignments and create quality work.

Ask For Help

Ask For Help

Successful online students are willing to ask for help when they have questions or need guidance.

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

Students who have strong time management skills can thrive in an online learning environment.

Comfortable With Technology

Comfortable With Technology

Online schooling requires a level of comfortability with technology since everything is done through a computer.

Participate In Discussions

Participate In Discussions

Online students who are engaged and participate in class discussions can find great success in online learning.

Although there is flexibility to complete assignments at any time within a semester, pace charts give you week by week targets, and keep you on pace to graduate. Every class has its own pace chart listing weekly assignments, readings, activities and assessments. Sticking to your pace chart will ensure a successful finish by the semester’s end. Prospective online learners can view a sample pace chart to see the level of activity a class typically requires. Although eAchieve Academy truly is a learn at your own pace online high school, middle and elementary school, we strongly recommend sticking to the pace chart to be sure you graduate on time with your diploma.

Many of our students choose eAchieve Academy precisely because they do not want the conventional social distractions of brick and mortar schools. Some have work obligations, some have to focus on athletics, some have health problems or special needs which make it difficult to socialize in conventional ways. Regardless of their motivations, all young people have a need to connect with others their age and eAchieve Academy does everything to encourage the development of social skills.

eAchieve Academy’s online school counselors help you stay on track for academic success. Our school counselors work full-time to get you from where you are to where you want to go in life. With their proactive guidance, you’ll be able to make well informed decisions about your educational future. eAchieve Academy’s counselors keep you looking forward, thinking about future possibilities and keeping your options open. They also make sure our high, middle and elementary school students are learning their subject areas, growing developmentally, completing assignments, and building time management and organization skills.



“eAchieve Academy is great about setting up social interactions with people in your area. Plus, I enjoy their discussion boards where you can talk to classmates, share pictures and posts but it’s monitored, so you don’t have to worry about bullying.”

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“You are in control of your own education, so you have to be self-motivated and responsible. You can’t slack off. But the reward is that you can have more control and freedom over your schedule.”

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“My grades are important to me, so I wanted to try virtual learning. I was able to catch up the coursework that I missed and I really enjoyed the flexibility. It was such a positive experience that I decided to stay. The flexibility is both the best thing and most challenging. But it has helped me learn to manage my own time which will be important for college.”

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