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Best high school classes for a science career

The sciences are always growing. There’s more demand than ever for professional scientists in every field. Students interested in a STEM career should start preparing while still in high school. eAchieve Academy has FREE online high school classes for Wisconsin students.

The more science classes you take in high school, the more prepared you’ll be for college-level courses. eAchieve’s online curriculum has part- or full-time classes for high schoolers. Classes include biology, chemistry, physics, and AP classes you can take to earn early college credit. Get a head start on your career with online science classes from eAchieve.

How to Become a Scientist in Wisconsin

A career in science can involve a wide range of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. To become a scientist, you’ll typically need to earn a bachelor’s degree in a science field, gain research experience through internships or work experience, and pursue advanced degrees for certain positions. At eAchieve, we offer a variety of science courses in areas such as biology, chemistry, and physics to help prepare you for a science program in college. Additionally, we offer specialized programs in areas such as environmental science and engineering to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for success in these fields. Our experienced faculty and personalized attention can help you build the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary to succeed in science. If you’re ready to pursue a career in science, eAchieve can help you get started on your path to success. Learn more about how our free online school for Wisconsin students works, or view info on enrollment.

Preparing For Your Career

There are a lot of job opportunities within the sciences. eAchieve Academy career-planning resources provide our students with guidance in preparing for the future. Our trained counselors can go over what classes you need to take to graduate on time and prepared for college.

eAchieve has plenty of online and face-to-face social opportunities for students to make friends. Join National Honor Society (NHS), participate in yearbook or run for Student Council. The online eLounge is your chance to communicate with other students about your classes, future aspirations, and interests. And each spring, upper-level high school students enjoy prom in the Wisconsin Dells!

Program Admissions Process

Science programs are available at the best colleges and universities around the world. If you want to get into a good college to pursue a science degree, you need a high school diploma. Graduates of eAchieve Academy have been accepted into colleges and universities across the United States and the world.

A good college application stands out from the rest. Every potential science major will have lots of science classes under their belt. Include electives and service-learning to rise above the rest. Learn to play an instrument, paint with watercolors, or prepare a meal. These classes to add healthy variety to your college transcript.

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Science Courses

The most science important classes you can take in high school are biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. Having a firm understanding of these fields will make your college courses much easier to follow. Passing these classes at the high school level may qualify you to skip introductory 100-level courses in college and get right to advanced classes.

In particular, Biology and Chemistry form the basis of biochemistry and are used throughout many scientific careers. Introductory Biology is available for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade while Chemistry classes are limited to grades 10-12. Chemistry has one prerequisite, Algebra 1. AP Biology and AP Chemistry courses are available for students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

Pre-med students should take Anatomy and Physiology. There are two prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry. The same prerequisites still apply.

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Math Courses

Science and mathematics go hand-in-hand. eAchieve Academy has math courses starting with pre-algebra all the way up to AP Calculus. Math is very important in the fields of chemistry, physics, and pre-med health. It’s common for students in the sciences to double-major with mathematics.

AP Calculus AB/BC are recommended for high schoolers planning on going into the sciences. You can earn early college credit by passing AP math tests.

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English Courses

You’ve just made an amazing new discovery! How do you share the news with the world? Through an accredited, scientific journal or research paper. If you don’t know how to write well, your important achievements could be left behind.

Online eAchieve English classes teach you how to be a better writer. And our Honors and AP English courses delve into classical literature useful for expanding your horizons.

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Health & Physical Education Courses

Medical sciences deal require a lot of study and additional education beyond college. Get a head start by learning basics Health and PE classes from eAchieve online. Learn about good health and nutrition or the basics of human anatomy.

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Information Technology (IT) Courses

Computer sciences are a booming field for workers. Every discipline needs skilled programmers, coders, and analysts. Start learning coding skills from eAchieve Academy. Computer classes available for high school students teach the programming languages of HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Advanced students are welcome to take AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A which use the Python programming language.

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General Science

  • Physicist
  • Chemist
  • Biologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Lab researcher or assistant
  • Forensic scientist
  • Geoscientist
  • Hydrologist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Conservationist
  • Medical scientist
  • Materials scientist


  • Zoologist
  • Marine biologist
  • Astronomer
  • Food scientist
  • Science teacher
  • Meteorologist

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Few labs are run as strict 9 to 5 enterprises. Flexibility is great, but only if you can take advantage of it. Manage your time wisely to take part in these great hours.

No Bosses

No Bosses

There is a level of independence from overseers. Commonly bosses are away most of the time at conferences and such. Leaving you with some quiet time.

Relatively Slow Motion

Relatively Slow Motion

Science moves quite slowly compared to other areas of work. You might think you are under pressure, but you usually have at least several months, sometimes years.

Follow Your Instincts

Follow Your Instincts

There is a high degree of intellectual freedom, and you can find yourself in the driver's seat and act more as partners with your boss in making decisions.

Peace & Quiet

Peace & Quiet

You get to experience the satisfaction of being treated like a mature professional while you can work hard and quietly on your time.

United Nations

United Nations

You get the opportunity to meet new people of many different nationalities. Uniquely, you will also recognize that you belong to a much bigger, global effort.

Enrolling in online school can be a difficult transition for students transferring from traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Students are expected to be more independent and self-disciplined. Virtual education requires a broader skillset than traditional schools. eAchieve Academy gives every student access to counselors throughout their online academic career.

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