Bear in mind, many of our students choose eAchieve Academy precisely because they do not want the conventional social distractions of brick and mortar schools. Some have work obligations, some have to focus on athletics, some have health problems or special needs which make it difficult to socialize in conventional ways. Regardless of their motivations, all young people have a need to connect with others their age and eAchieve Academy does everything to encourage the development of social skills.

eLounge: the online gathering place for eAchieve Academy students

eLounge is the student lounge for eAchieve Academy. Any student is welcome to stop by and post an update on what they’ve been doing, reach out for advice on something, or just post a funny picture of their dog. Only registered eAchieve Academy students can post on eLounge and all posts are monitored by our staff to ensure there is never any bullying or inappropriate comments. You can visit the eLounge home page as a guest, but will not be able to view any other pages until you are a registered user and have a login password.

Live class sessions and online chats encourage socialization

Our live online class sessions and online chats are a great way for students to get to know their classmates and teachers better. Even students who normally feel too shy to raise their hand or otherwise participate in a conventional classroom find themselves actively participating online. And with the ability to chat online, email and talk with teachers over the phone, information and feedback is very accessible. Many of our students actually feel they have more support at eAchieve Academy than they had at the traditional-style school they previously attended. There is a strong sense of community here and it carries over to the occasions and events when students meet up in person.

eAchieve’s Map My Class or School is unique and gives students and parents the ability to see geographically where classmates are located and who else may be in the same classes. This is a great way for students to connect online and meet students that may be in their area. eAchieve aims to build a strong student body that is willing to help each other and build social connections in an online environment. Students must be logged in to use this feature.

eAchieve makes it easy for students to make connections with classmates with the I Heart That Too app. Students are able to share their interests such as gaming, painting, and other hobbies as well as see their classmate’s interests. This is aimed to build new social connections for online students by bonding over interests outside of school. Students must be logged in to use this feature.

Similar to a traditional school setting, your virtual learning experience will feature reading and writing assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. In addition, there will be simulations, discussion boards, blogs and wikis. The difference is everything is posted online and available from the first day of school. You get to learn in a comfortable environment while working on assignments at a time fitting your lifestyle.

Students at eAchieve Academy are not eligible to compete in WIAA-sanctioned events. Taking part in other activities, like intramural sports or club activities, is at the discretion of your resident school. If you live in the southeastern Wisconsin area, you are welcome to participate in clubs sponsored by the School District of Waukesha middle and high schools. Contact our online high school for more information on eligibility in sports, clubs and other activities.

Student Activities 

Absolutely! There are many opportunities to interact with your online classmates. We have numerous clubs, including snow club, National Honor Society, science club and a student council. You can get together with classmates at activities in different parts of the state for some water park fun, skiing and snow tubing, hiking, athletic events, field trips and bowling. eAchieve Academy even holds prom in Wisconsin Dells every spring and an online talent show!

You can also stay in regular contact with your classmates through online discussion boards, open time before the weekly eSessions while the teacher is prepping for the class and through IM. With eAchieve Academy, you have the opportunity to meet and enjoy new friends without all the extra drama of a traditional school.

Getting Social 

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