For students with Olympic aspirations or world-class athletic abilities, balancing practice and school is difficult. Reaching peak performance requires hours of intense training, which most traditional schools are unable to provide.

Living Abroad

Some Wisconsin residents live outside the country for a period of time. While living abroad, attending school can be difficult. Parents need to ask if courses taken in the foreign country will transfer back to the USA.

Attendance Issues

Students can fall behind quickly if they miss a few days of class and it can be hard to make up missed work. Student attendance issues for any reason can have a negative impact on their education and motivation to succeed in school.

Musicians / Singers

Becoming a world-class musician takes a lot of time and practice. The hours required to achieve mastery of an instrument often make attending school difficult.


Religion and education have a long and interesting relationship in America. Many students want to attend public schools to meet their peers, but parents sometimes prefer to send their child to a religious school.

Gifted & Talented

Gifted students sometimes find themselves bored in class at traditional brick and mortar schools. They can try reading ahead or learning outside class, but this does not solve the problem of class being too slow for them.

Social Anxiety

The average child is naturally curious, ambitious & constantly learning every day, whether they mean to or not. If your child exhibits an unnatural amount of fear or shyness on a daily basis, it’s possible they could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Medical Needs

For students living with medical issues, balancing their health and studies while sitting in class for long stretches at a time can cause problems. Ongoing health issues can cause frequent or extended absences from school and lead to learning gaps, anxiety or even depression.


In a traditional brick and mortar school, bullying can cause the brightest of students to get distracted and create attendance issues that impact their success at school. Bullying can also create an unsafe environment for students in the classroom.

Working Students

Some high school students work full-time to support themselves and their family. Whether their job involves working on the family farm or is a position with an outside business, students face the same problem: getting their schedules to fit.

Early Careerists

For career-minded students, traditional high school can be difficult. Constantly balancing practice and work with studying and classroom lessons can lead to one or the other being neglected.

Rural Living

For students living in the Northwoods, in sparsely populated areas along the Mississippi or elsewhere in Wisconsin’s rural areas, school days can include lengthy commutes to and from the nearest school.


Sometimes, events outside of your control make it impossible to continue attending face-to-face school. Whether it was a sudden accident or a necessary, planned hospitalization, recovery time can make it difficult to stay on track at school.

Constant Travelers

School can be difficult for students who are often on the move from one state or country to another but are still Wisconsin residents. Every new community means a new school, new faces and new friends.


Going to a foreign country as a Missionary Kid can be a big challenge. Culture shock, language barriers and different notions of what is acceptable behavior make the change difficult for many children.

eAchieve is different from most Wisconsin online education providers: we’re solely operated by the School District of Waukesha and NOT affiliated with any for-profit national education partner. State tax dollars are reinvested here in Wisconsin and we’re able to maintain accountability for educational excellence while providing completely FREE online schooling for Wisconsin residents under 21 years of age. Attending school online also eliminates expenses related to transportation, parking and school lunches.

Personalized learning gets a lot of press. Teachers in traditional schools are increasingly expected to integrate technology in the classroom and customize instruction based on each student’s social, emotional and intellectual needs. The success of personalized learning in an onsite public school can be limited by state & federal funding, overcrowded classrooms, rigid schedules and distractions from other students. Students attending online charter schools can take advantage of individualized learning options traditional schools simply can’t offer.

100% of eAchieve instructors are Wisconsin state certified, with an average of 19.2 years teaching experience. Most importantly, our teachers are passionate about teaching online and take ownership of each class to give every student the most effective learning solutions. No cookie-cutter coursework here! eAchieve teachers take the time to create unique lesson plans for students. We’re dedicated to helping every eAchieve student succeed in school and beyond. Our teachers are also easily accessible to parents. Parents receive three progress reports each semester and have 24/7 parent access to their child’s grade book.

Traditional classroom settings & structure can feel more like incarceration than education. Online public schooling offers flexible scheduling so you can get a quality education even if your circumstances make regular attendance difficult. An online high school helps you reduce stressful scheduling conflicts associated with getting your high school diploma. Online learning also eliminates distractions such as social drama and peer pressure. Whether you have special needs or just a special way of seeing the world, virtual high school allows you to express your individuality and plan school around your life—not your life around school.

Students who want to attend college receive outstanding preparation with online high school. eAchieve graduates receive the same REAL diploma awarded to all School District of Waukesha high school graduates. Online high school students have better opportunities to develop personal motivation, self-discipline, time-management skills and efficient computer skills—making the transition to an in-class or online college experience that much easier. College-bound middle school students also benefit from online education.

You can keep attending your current school AND take one or two classes online each semester. Part-time online school helps students graduate early from high school or make up for lost credits so they can graduate on time. You can also take a class that doesn’t fit into your schedule or isn’t offered at your regular school. Adults under 21 years old who want to finish high school online are helped by fully accredited teachers and can earn a competency-based high school diploma more easily than through a traditional school.

Traditional schools offer many ways to socialize and participate in your community, and eAchieve students enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with online classmates in optional weekly eSessions where students can support one another and ask real-time questions of instructors. You can also stay in touch with classmates through online discussion boards and through IM. Participate in student council, yearbook and the National Honor Society, and attend a year-end prom open to all eAchieve freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors

Self-Motivation Required

Self-Motivation Required

Online school can be a challenge for students who struggle with time management and self-discipline.

No Face-to-Face

No Face-to-Face

Face-to-face classroom teaching is a familiar environment with understood social rules and expectations.

Few Social Opportunities

Few Social Opportunities

While eAchieve Academy does offer ways to connect with fellow students, it doesn’t provide the daily face-to-face socialization of a traditional public school.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Elementary students require a parent or guardian to coach them through lessons and completing the assigned activities.

More Screen Time

More Screen Time

Even in traditional elementary schools, the use of computers, SmartBoards, tablets, e-readers and other technology is on the rise.

Too Much Freedom

Too Much Freedom

Another area of concern is how students are given much more freedom to make decisions for themselves.



“The transition was very positive. It was a relief for her not to deal with the school environment. It has allowed her instead to focus on the school work. We’ve been really impressed by the accessibility of teachers. It’s not just independent learning with a teacher proctoring the exam. The teachers are very responsive and willing to help. I’m comfortable she is in an environment where she can be successful.”

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“Our local district wasn’t meeting their needs academically or emotionally. We looked for an academic setting that could be tailored to their needs, and eAchieve has turned out to be a great choice… I was literally in tears on the phone when they were telling me all the things that were available for my son and all the things they were going to do for him. I had always fought for services, but now we’re in an atmosphere where everything has been offered rather than me having to push for it.”

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“As the kids got older, home schooling became more complicated to keep up with DPI standards. For me, eAchieve Academy is much better than trying to do it by myself. It’s more involvement for parents than if the kids were in a traditional school, but it’s not a crazy amount.”

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