The teacher-student-parent relationship is more important in an online academy than it is in a traditional elementary, middle or high school. Students with highly diverse backgrounds and educational needs choose to attend eAchieve Academy for its flexible approach to education. Our teachers have the skill and experience required to meet these needs, but parents are best positioned to know each student’s unique situation and intervene when needed.


Homeschooling parents often have difficulty maintaining structure. eAchieve Academy provides a structured course plan and knowledgeable instructors for guidance and questions. Students taking online classes also have the flexibility for parents to focus on other aspects of the student’s schooling.


A common claim against online schooling is how students can miss out on social skills and events. Homeschooling parents do their best to connect their children with other homeschooled children, but it can be hard. eAchieve connects students online through email, chat, our eLounge, and fun informal and formal get-togethers like prom events.


Homeschooling can be difficult for parents to do alone. Homeschooling parents often have a small or limited network of supportive parents and teachers. eAchieve Academy makes this a priority. Teachers are available for reports and advice by email, phone, or chat, providing homeschooling parents anything they need to guide their child’s success.

24/7 Grade Book Access

Parents receive their own username and password allowing them to check their student's grades at any time from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Parents can also connect with teachers by email or phone at any time.

Progress Reports

After the 4th, 8th, and 12th weeks of each semester, parents are mailed a progress report containing personalized notes from teachers and an indication of work quality and if the student is on pace to complete the course.

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Activity Reports

Every Monday, an email will be sent to parents indicating how many minutes the student spent in each class last week, the day they submitted work in each class and a list of any past due assignments for each class.

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Our instructors don’t just like teaching, they are avid fans of teaching online. Our incredible teachers are committed to keeping abreast of the latest technologies and eLearning teaching methods. Our teachers are also easily accessible to parents. By sending out three progress reports each semester and offering 24/7 parent access to their child’s grade book, eAchieve Academy lets parents be more involved in their child’s online learning experience than compared to a traditional school setting.

The full-time school counselors at eAchieve Academy travel throughout Wisconsin to meet students during the academic year. Face-to-face contact with our online elementary, middle and high school students is key to helping them succeed. These meetings consist of small groups organized by grade level followed by individual meetings with each student. In addition to staying closely connected with students and parents, our counselors meet weekly with eAchieve Academy teachers to discuss specific students’ strengths and weaknesses. This helps them better understand each student and offer the personalized guidance needed to succeed in an online learning environment.

eAchieve Academy students outperform state averages and are among the highest performers on the ACT test and 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE) of all virtual high school students in Wisconsin. eAchieve Academy students’ ACT scores have been as high as or higher than those of public school students attending class at brick and mortar schools. In fact, an eAchieve Academy student scored a perfect 36 on his ACT in 2010. In 2014, our students exceeded the national ACT composite score by nearly 2 points on average.

Besides their stellar performance on statewide and nationwide standardized tests, eAchieve Academy students have received several notable awards. Many of our graduates have been named National Merit Scholarship Finalists and Commended Scholars. “Full Ride” scholarships have been awarded to our students by universities including Dartmouth, Marquette University, NY School of Ballet and UW Madison. Some of our graduates have even received prestigious Byrd Scholarships.



“Our local district wasn’t meeting their needs academically or emotionally. We looked for an academic setting that could be tailored to their needs, and eAchieve has turned out to be a great choice… I was literally in tears on the phone when they were telling me all the things that were available for my son and all the things they were going to do for him. I had always fought for services, but now we’re in an atmosphere where everything has been offered rather than me having to push for it.”

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“One of the big benefits of eAchieve Academy is that students have teachers who actually teach a regular class every week through the live sessions. Those live sessions allow the students to talk to one another and ask questions of their teacher who is specifically trained in that subject.”

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“We’ve been extremely happy with the school from the teachers to the counselors – we just can’t say enough good things about it. Our son is getting an excellent education, and the flexibility of online learning a huge advantage. We never realized how much time was wasted during the school day. He’s like a little college student. He’s very focused and he’s learning good time management. There’s a one-on-one feeling. The teachers are just phenomenal. He never got that kind of personal attention before. The teachers go out of their way to make sure he understands the information.”

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The technological innovation in the early 21st century is completely changing the K-12 educational landscape. Parents and students have all sorts of potential options to make the most of their K-12 education.

Here are some of the biggest differences between online learning and traditional learning for elementary, middle and high school students. eAchieve Academy provides an all-around option that makes the most of all the perks offered by private school, homeschooling and traditional brick and mortar public school education.

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Enrolling in online high school is a big step towards an alternative lifestyle, especially for high schoolers used to the routine of attending brick-and-mortar classes at a traditional public schools. Learn more about what online K-12 school is like for students and parents in Wisconsin.


Our two eAchieve Academy school counselors travel around the state in the spring to help you determine which classes to take to meet graduation requirements while also tapping into your interests and life goals. With more than 115 classes, including advanced placement classes and dual college credit classes, you have plenty of choices!

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Being able to work through tests, learning activities and assessments at your own pace is one of the primary benefits of attending a virtual middle and high school. Students are provided with handy pace charts to track their progress throughout courses. You can learn whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. A weekly schedule is provided for each class and you are strongly encourage to stay on pace. If the weekly schedule does not fit your personal needs, there is no penalty if you need to adjust and adapt it. All work must be submitted by the end of each semester, though.

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Our courses are designed to require approximately an hour of studying each day. Advanced students may finish more quickly. Students who need a little more time can take as long as they need. eAchieve Academy offers you an flexible online school environment putting you and your family in charge of your study schedule.

eAchieve Academy teachers are passionate about helping you succeed. They take great pride in their responsiveness. Many teachers report excellent communication with their students through the eAchieve Academy online program. Whether it’s by email, phone, or live eSessions, they are readily available to clarify material and answer your questions. In addition, most teachers hold regularly scheduled online office hours each week for students to drop in and ask questions or get help.

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Each course has a pace chart to lay out your path to success. They are your best tool to ensure you stay on target to successfully complete the class. Stick to the pace chart and you should not fall behind in your coursework.

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