Starting July 1st, Alternative Open Enrollment Applications are available. Contact the office for additional resources and questions.

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We have a huge range of K-12 courses available online, including standard classes, AP, honors, and elective courses. We have many online classes other schools don’t have the resources to offer, including Web Development, Sports & Event Marketing, ACT prep and many more.

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100% of eAchieve instructors are Wisconsin state certified teachers, with an average of 19.2 years teaching experience in both classrooms and online. Our instructors are passionate about personalized online learning and take ownership of each course to give all students effective learning resources.

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All Wisconsin Kindergarten, middle school and high school students are eligible to enroll at eAchieve Academy. Students can take classes as full-time students or as part-time students to augment the curriculum at the brick and mortar school they attend. Home schooled students are welcome to take classes online to supplement their at-home curriculum. We also offer special needs education for students with IEPs.

More On Special Ed 

Yes! If you are transferring to eAchieve Academy for your senior year, you will likely be required to meet the graduation requirements of the school you’re transferring from. A good first step is talking to your high school academic advisor about transferring to online school. eAchieve does accept credits earned at other schools prior to enrollment at eAchieve, but transfer students have to earn a minimum of 4 credits at eAchieve to graduate from our online high school. High school seniors in Wisconsin also have the option of staying enrolled at their current school and taking all their classes online with us. This is a popular choice for seniors who want to keep playing sports in high school but study online.

No. eAchieve Academy makes every attempt to use free, open software whenever possible. Any non-freeware required for a course will be provided at no cost. The only possible costs incurred to you would be for lab kits or physical textbooks for certain courses.

Technology Requirements 

Yes. Here is a list of all the state tests required as a condition of enrollment. Parents will be responsible for transporting their children to and from proctoring locations established around the state.


Grades: 2nd – 8th
Dates: April


Grades: 11th
Dates: April

ACT Aspire

Grades: 9th & 10th
Dates: Late April-May


K – 2nd
Dates: Various

Students are also required to take the MAP test three times throughout the school year. The MAP test is a school-administered test taken from home on the student’s computer to monitor their progress in reading and math skills. For more questions about standardized testing, contact the online schooling experts at eAchieve Academy.

Yes. A $15 per month ($60 per semester) stipend is provided to families and paid after the successful completion of each semester. In addition, Time Warner and Comcast provide further assistance to low-income families. Ask an eAchieve Academy enrollment coordinator for more details.

Technology Requirements 

No. Certain classes may have associated fees for lab kits, but there are no mandatory extra costs if you apply to our online high school during open enrollment.

Yes. Any full-time eAchieve Academy online high school or middle school student who needs a computer will be provided with a free laptop at no expense to the family.

Students who prefer to use their own computer may do so as well. Most PCs or Macs purchased in recent years should meet the needs of eAchieve Academy technology requirements.

Technology Requirements 

A resident school district is the school district which coincides with your residence, or where you live and/or sleep at night. You may sleep at a residence, facility, or community home, which falls within the boundaries of a school district which you have the option of attending. Our Wisconsin school district list outlines all schools in the Wisconsin system to help you better understand your options.

Your residence may be within the perimeter of several school districts since many have overlapping boundaries, and if you are a resident of Wisconsin you may enroll in free online classes from eAchieve anywhere in the state. Consult our list and a professional to find the best path to education for your child.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment