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Our online public charter school provides alternative education options for any child in the state: if you can’t find the right school to fit your needs within your Wisconsin school district, you can supplement courses with eAchieve Online Academy.

Transferring to an online school part-time is simple & tuition-free. Our part-time enrollment program is designed for Wisconsin students who want to take 1 or 2 classes online. This option can help solve a scheduling conflict or let students take a class not offered by their regular school. If you’re enrolled in a school district in Wisconsin, you are eligible to take full-time or part-time classes with eAchieve online academy to fulfill graduation requirements. Students can also use part-time online high school enrollment to fit an extra class into their schedule to graduate early or make up credits to graduate on time. In all cases, students will want to consult our list of courses.

For Waukesha Residents

School District of Waukesha residents attending one of district’s face-to-face schools simply need to discuss their options with their school counselor. Wisconsin state statute §118.53 now allows any homeschooled student to take up to 2 classes at any Wisconsin public school (including eAchieve Academy) as long as they meet the minimum standards for admission to the course and there is available space in the selected course.

For Those Outside Waukesha

Any high school student attending a public school in Wisconsin is eligible to participate in the State’s Part-Time Open Enrollment program. Students remain enrolled in their regular school for the majority of their classes while taking 1 – 2 classes online at eAchieve Academy. Students who attend a private or parochial school may still attend eAchieve Academy on a part-time basis, but tuition will be required.

Explore Non-Traditional Classes

Students are often looking to find classes that are interesting to them and some traditional schools may have a limited amount of classes that don't fill that need. Online schooling offers students a wide range of classes that is difficult for traditional schools to replicate. Non-traditional high school classes such as photography and creative writing can be found online.

High School Courses

Homeschooled Students Wanting More

Homeschooled students also may find it difficult to find the classes they want, parents can help teach many subjects, but there are some where an instructor or more resources may be needed. Online schools may also help homeschool students who are looking to add to their schedule and challenge themselves to prepare for graduation or college.

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Looking To Graduating Early

Taking online part-time classes can help students earn the credits they need to graduate. Students who need a more challenging and fast pace school schedule can supplement their traditional classes with 1-2 online classes per semester. Students who want to graduate and start college or their career early often look to online learning.

Planning Your Career

Solve Scheduling Conflicts

Students who struggle with a busy schedule because of athletics, performing arts, and more sometimes look for school options that aren't the normal 8 am - 3 pm schedule. Students may look to part-time online classes to solve any of their scheduling conflicts and work on their own time. Students can be enrolled at their school and also take classes with eAchieve.

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The full-time school counselors at eAchieve Academy travel throughout Wisconsin to meet students during the academic year. In addition to staying closely connected with students and parents, our counselors meet weekly with eAchieve Academy teachers to discuss specific students’ strengths and weaknesses. This helps them better understand each student and offer the personalized guidance needed to succeed in an online learning environment.

For The Students

  • Take 1-2 classes per semester online
  • Choose online classes that are meaningful and complimentary to classes at your school.
  • Earn credits and work on your own time
  • Earn credits that will count towards graduation
  • Connect with certified teachers at eAchieve for help with online classes
  • Create an action plan to complete online classwork and your in-school classwork

For The Parents

  • Help your student create an ideal study space
  • Reach out to the teacher on behalf of your student when needed
  • Check-in periodically on what your student is working on
  • Help students create a schedule or plan to get both online and in-class work completed on time.
  • Help motivate students if they are taking extra-classes online, it may get be a challenge for them.


“One of the big benefits of eAchieve Academy is that students have teachers who actually teach a regular class every week through the live sessions. Those live sessions allow the students to talk to one another and ask questions of their teacher who is specifically trained in that subject.”

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“Most of the people who go to online schools are really nice, and you don’t have to listen to others talk about what you wear or what you look like. They are your friends – you’re never really shunned.”

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Brian Foley


“The concept behind virtual education is being able to reach all kids. For one reason or another, traditional schooling isn’t a match for everyone, and it’s very gratifying being able to now reach those students. Kids create their own schedule, so they have to be self-motivated, focused and stay on pace by using their pace charts.”

Are You Ready To Enroll At eAchieve?

Enrollment Info
  • Full & Part Time Enrollment
  • Mid-Year Enrollment Options
  • TUITION-FREE For All Wisconsin Residents

Schools and families benefit by enjoying reduced tuition rates. In exchange, partner schools agree to promote our partnership and the opportunities it affords students. In addition, the partner school receives 24/7 observer access and a weekly activity report to monitor the student’s grades.

This option costs nothing for families unless the full-time private school decides to charge the cost back to the family. Public schools should not use this option and charge the cost back to the family to avoid participating in the State’s part-time open enrollment program. Families of students enrolled at a private school that is not part of our Part-Time Partner Program can sign a tuition contract with the School District of Waukesha to take classes at eAchieve Academy.


  1. Complete the Part-Time Virtual Education Partnership Agreement form.
  2. Return the completed agreement form to:
    Mail: eAchieve Academy – Wisconsin Attn: Jan West
    222 Maple Ave
    Waukesha, WI 53186
    Email: jwest@waukesha.k12.wi.us
    Fax: 262.970.1148
  3. Distribute student enrollment forms and this document to principals and/or counselors who will in turn distribute them to interested students.
  4. Students should return completed forms to the address, email or fax listed above as soon as possible. Students will be enrolled in classes on a first-come, first-served basis to fill up available seats. The number of available seats will be determined in June.

Downloads You Need

Both public and private schools are encouraged to register for eAchieve Academy’s Part-Time Partnership Program. Students enrolled in partner schools are not subject to the deadlines in the state’s Course Options program.

The program is open to any student attending a participating Wisconsin school. The school must have a current Part-Time Virtual Education Partnership Agreement in place with the School District of Waukesha.

Students and parents may attend an in-person orientation session in Waukesha (dates and times TBA). Alternately, they may attend a virtual orientation session or watch an online orientation video. Partner schools may arrange an on-site orientation session if desired.

Login information will be distributed prior to the start of the semester. For students who attend an online orientation, login information will be sent to the parent email address listed on the application and to the student’s school email address.

eAchieve teachers do everything they can to encourage student progress and participation. However, due to the nature of virtual education, the day-to-day supervision and monitoring of student progress is done by the parent and the school monitor. In most cases, the school monitor is the student’s guidance counselor. eAchieve will provide observer account access that allows parents and school monitors to view the student’s online grade book. eAchieve will also provide a weekly Activity Report that shows student participation and lists any past-due assignments, as well as
quarterly progress reports and end of semester grade reports. Parents and school monitors should check the student’s progress regularly (at least weekly during the first few weeks of the semester and monthly thereafter) and contact the teacher if they have any questions or concerns. An orientation video for school monitors will be made available in August

Family support is critical for students to be successful when taking online classes. Success in online classes is most likely achieved when this endeavor is viewed as a partnership between the school and family where the school provides the curriculum, instruction, assessment, feedback and answers to questions, and the family provides a suitable place to study and regularly monitors progress. Parents will be provided with their own observer login which should be used to check their student’s progress at any time.

First, the resident school helps promote the partnership and the opportunities it affords for students. Second, they agree to provide a school monitor to provide student support. Third, they agree to pay for the enrollment as specified in the contract.

Additional questions can be directed to any of the following people at eAchieve Academy:

  1. Jan West – Part-Time Enrollment Coordinator
    Phone: 262-970-1069
    Email Me
  2. Jason Smith – Principal
    Phone: 262-970-3766
    Email Me
  3. Christopher Schulteis – Program Manager
    Phone: 262-970-1138
    Email Me