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eAchieve Academy’s in-district transfer enrollment gives families within the Waukesha School District a seamless way to transition to online education. An immediate in-district transfer is available for students who are looking to finish the current school year online. If you are looking for a new option starting next year, you can apply for the transfer for the next school year’s enrollment. eAchieve Academy makes it a priority to make the transition to online learning as easy as possible for families, learn more about how you can start your in-district transfer to eAchieve.

Transfer This Year

Waukesha School District residents can use an immediate in-district transfer to finish the current school year at eAchieve Academy. School District of Waukesha residents who want to transfer to eAchieve Academy, including students who are currently being homeschooled, attend a private school, or just moved to Waukesha, must also follow a few additional steps:

  1. Discuss your reasons for wanting to transfer to eAchieve Academy with your counselor at your current school.
  2. If transferring to eAchieve Academy still seems like a good idea, your counselor will coordinate a meeting with you and the eAchieve Academy counselor
  3. If it still seems like an appropriate move, administrative approval will be pursued.

Transfer Next Year

Waukesha School District residents use the normal in-district transfer procedure to enroll for the following school year. Students interested in transferring to an online high school and already attending a School District of Waukesha can attend eAchieve Academy tuition-free. Students who are currently being homeschooled, attend a private school, or just moved to Waukesha can also attend.

The full-time school counselors at eAchieve Academy travel throughout Wisconsin to meet students during the academic year. In addition to staying closely connected with students and parents, our counselors meet weekly with eAchieve Academy teachers to discuss specific students’ strengths and weaknesses. This helps them better understand each student and offer the personalized guidance needed to succeed in an online learning environment.

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