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Online elementary, middle and high school programs also provide a distraction and drama-free environment where students can focus on their schoolwork. eAchieve Academy consistently has one of the highest online high school graduation rates in the state of Wisconsin. Our graduates go on to major colleges and universities with the educational background and study skills they need to succeed. When you’re ready to take learning into your own hands, apply to enroll in Wisconsin’s top online school.

For Waukesha Residents

Students in Wisconsin normally attend a public school in the district they physically live in. With Wisconsin’s open enrollment program, students are able to apply to attend a public school in another district. Open enrollment in Wisconsin is available to all students enrolled in K through 12th grade. eAchieve Academy is an online public school (elementary, middle and high school) chartered by the School District of Waukesha.

Coming From Public School

Students at eAchieve are able to focus completely on learning without social drama or classroom distractions. With greater control over their schedules and no transportation issues, online students can more easily get enough sleep and avoid the dangers of teenage sleep deprivation making headlines.

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Coming From Private School

No student should compromise their education because of how they look, their religious beliefs or a disability. eAchieve Academy has a diverse student population where each individual is able to enjoy a comfortable learning environment and comprehensive support network.

Coming From Being Homeschooled

Students who are homeschooled can also enjoy the flexibility of online learning. You are given the opportunity to learn subjects not normally taught in the home setting, like forensic science. Being able to mix home school with online learning will broaden your academic knowledge and allow you to socialize with other students in a safe environment.

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Recent Move To Waukesha County

Students who recently moved into the area can find a community of students and teachers with online schooling at eAchieve. Students who have moved into the area because of any kind of situation are welcome to enroll at eAchieve and grow their network through online discussions and activities.

Immediate Response Circumstances

Immediate enrollment options are available for students who have been through unfortunate circumstances such as bullying, harassment, and violence in their current school. Although some acts get reported and action steps are taken, incidents can continue to happen. eAchieve can help these students easily transition to an online learning option.

Immediate Transfer

Special Needs Attention

If you have a 504 Plan, or an Individual Education Plan (IEP), eAchieve Academy has dedicated, full-time online school special education staff to help special need students succeed. Our teachers and counselors are passionate about providing the specialized services and accommodations your child needs to attain academic success.

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The full-time school counselors at eAchieve Academy travel throughout Wisconsin to meet students during the academic year. In addition to staying closely connected with students and parents, our counselors meet weekly with eAchieve Academy teachers to discuss specific students’ strengths and weaknesses. This helps them better understand each student and offer the personalized guidance needed to succeed in an online learning environment.

For The Students

  • All of your classes will now be fully online
  • All class work will be from home, but can use the libraryor anywhere else you feel comfortable to work
  • Log into each course daily
  • Check your school email a few times each day
  • Attend the weekly eSessions
  • Back up your work regularly on an external drive

For The Parents

  • Help your child create an ideal study space
  • Make sure there is flexibility in your child’s schedule
  • Review your child’s pace chart to make sure they stay on track
  • Reach out to the teacher on behalf of your child when needed
  • Keep an eye on things they need that they would normally beprovided with at school
  • Check in periodically on what your child is working on
Tom Young


“Online learning gives students control over their time and space and makes them owners of that process. They aren’t getting it for someone else; they are getting it for themselves. In the security and ease of learning in their own home, students can go through the material more quickly and more deeply than in a traditional classroom setting. The students also learn to be good self advocates.”



“eAchieve Academy is great about setting up social interactions with people in your area. Plus, I enjoy their discussion boards where you can talk to classmates, share pictures and posts but it’s monitored, so you don’t have to worry about bullying.”

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“As the kids got older, home schooling became more complicated to keep up with DPI standards. For me, eAchieve Academy is much better than trying to do it by myself. It’s more involvement for parents than if the kids were in a traditional school, but it’s not a crazy amount.”

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