eAchieve Academy is a virtual public school with a charter in the Waukesha School District. Students living in the Waukesha School District can attend eAchieve by completing an in-district transfer/school choice request. A good education shouldn’t create a financial burden for families. eAchieve Academy has zero enrollment costs and is completely tuition-free.

  • Any Wisconsin resident can sign up to attend eAchieve through the Wisconsin Open Enrollment program.
  • Wisconsin allows students to enroll in public schools in other districts.
  • Legal residents of Wisconsin living outside the state (or outside the U.S.) can still attend eAchieve’s online high school, middle school and elementary school classes tuition-free.
  • Students who live outside Wisconsin are also welcome at eAchieve, with paid tuition.

Free Laptop

eAchieve Academy and Milwaukee PC provide free laptops to full-time online school students who have enrolled at the beginning of the school year. Ensuring our online school students have access to current internet technology is one way eAchieve Academy helps every student succeed.

Internet Service

While it is your responsibility to get dependable high-speed Internet service, eAchieve Academy may be able to help cover the cost of the service for families in need. More details about qualifying for an internet stipend will be provided upon enrollment and completion of the online registration form.

Materials Fees

Some online classes require easy-to-find consumable supplies or materials you will need to purchase. Certain AP classes may require buying printed textbooks or lab kits. The affordability and convenience of online classes more than make up for occasional materials fees.