You're On Your Way To Enrolling In eAchieve!

eAchieve is a leading online school operated by the School District of Waukesha in Wisconsin. Students within the Waukesha district are welcome to enroll at eAchieve and have the freedom to work wherever they want to with online learning. Public school students often look to online classes to supplement their current education with non-traditional classes, pace ahead of their grades or are looking for a more flexible schedule. eAchieve is a great option for public school students who want to take 1-2 online classes and work where they want to. Students looking to enroll part-time at eAchieve should first talk to their current school counselor. The school counselor can help students decide if it would be a perfect fit and get the process started.

Meet the Teachers

We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings.

Meet The Teachers

Preparing For Success

Each student’s personality traits are an important factor in predicting success in an online program, there are several strategies you should have.

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Parent Involvement

The teacher-student-parent relationship is more important in an online academy than it is in a traditional elementary, middle or high school.

Your Involvement