What High School Classes to Take for Business Major

Employment in business and financial occupations is projected to grow seven percent from 2021 to 2031 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are many different business career opportunities students can pursue after graduation. Whether you are interested in starting your own business one day, or are unsure of what type of professional path in business you want to take, having a well-rounded education will translate well into your future career goals. The following guide outlines what classes to take in high school for a business major.

What Classes To Take In High School For a Business Major

If you are thinking about majoring in business, the best way to increase your chances of being accepted into business school is to plan ahead. There are several recommended high school classes to take for a business major that will help you prepare for business school, regardless of what school or program you want to attend. Successfully completing Advanced Placement (AP) classes for a business major can help your college application be more competitive, prepare you for college-level work, and reduce your college debt by earning free college credits. Taking business classes while still in high school can also help you identify a career path that integrates what you love with your skills.

What Subjects Do I Need For Business?

Business professionals handle a variety of tasks such as managing financial records, operations, employees and more. Taking a variety of business-related high school courses will teach you about the different aspects of business and help you develop practical life skills to succeed in college and your future career. The recommended high school classes to take for a business major include the following course subjects: math, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, computer applications, foreign language, finance and economics.

What Math Should I Take For Business?

High school math classes introduce you to many valuable concepts such as analyzing and interpreting numbers, data, graphs and more. Having mathematical skills will be necessary for business school and will make identifying and finding solutions to problems easier in your future business career. 

Our Math for Consumers course provides a practical and comprehensive foundation for everyday math. This course covers topics such as wages, taxes, and insurance to help students develop the skills to make smart financial and business decisions in their future career.

High School Classes To Take For Business Major

In addition to math classes, other recommended high school classes to take for a business major will teach you many important life skills such as leadership, critical thinking, time management, and financial literacy. For example, accounting is the language of business , therefore understanding accounting concepts is critical for success in the business world. Financial literacy is crucial for high school students and has been recognized as a necessity for financial success. At eAchieve, our courses are designed to help students develop techniques and skills that prepare students to succeed in college and in the workplace. Below is a list of recommended courses that eAchieve offers:

What AP Classes Should I take For Business Major?

When preparing for college, you may wonder “What AP classes should I take for a business major?” At eAchieve, we offer a number of AP classes that replicate college-level coursework to prepare you for business school and beyond. Below are our recommended AP Course offerings for business majors:

AP Classes For Business Major

While the topics taught in AP courses are complex, taking these while still in high school can better prepare you for future higher education courses and your future business career. For example, taking AP economics classes in high school will introduce you to important concepts about the structure and operation of the national and international economies. Our AP courses are for those students looking to get college-level course experience and early college credits.

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