What Classes to Take in High School for Nursing

Becoming a nurse can provide a stable and rewarding career, with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Discover what classes to take in high school for nursing, to prepare for your future as a nurse. At eAchieve, we provide career-planning resources to help students reach their goals. We also offer a selection of honors & AP classes for early college preparation. Taking AP classes in high school is a smart way to prepare for the demanding coursework of college and nursing school.

Since science is heavily emphasized in nursing school, building a solid foundation in high school is a great way to prepare for these often-challenging courses. Some recommended science classes to take in high school for nursing include AP chemistry, AP biology and AP physics. Taking other sciences electives such as Anatomy and Physiology can also be helpful.

It is important to have strong math skills prior to going to nursing school to set yourself up for success for college math courses. Algebra and AP Calculus are some math classes to take in high school for nursing careers. Taking these courses in high school can help you master the ability to analyze data and graphs, which is a skill nursing professions require.  

Having strong writing and communication skills is important for a future career in nursing, therefore English courses should not be overlooked. AP English and Communication are good examples of classes to take in high school for nursing careers.

Taking the recommended nursing classes for high school students is an excellent way to prepare for nursing school and a future career in the medical field. Explore the types of nursing and medical professions, learn about the benefits of working in the medical field, and view more of eAchieve’s suggested nursing classes for high school students in our related blog as you start planning for your nursing career.

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