What Classes Should You Take In High School To Become A Doctor

The path to becoming a doctor can begin as early as high school for many students once they’ve identified their chosen career field. eAchieve Academy offers a huge selection of tuition-free online courses for Wisconsin students to help prepare them for a career in the medical field.

Preparing For A Career In Medicine

To help prepare for your chosen career, volunteering at a hospital or clinic is a great way to stand out to admission officers. It shows that you’re caring and have a genuine desire to help others. Being able to speak a second language will also help you stand out when applying to medical schools or jobs.

Recommended Classes To Take In High School

Since you’ll be required to take multiple science courses in college and medical school, it’s important to take as many science courses as you can while in high school. Building a solid foundation in the sciences will allow you to take more advanced courses in undergrad school and help prepare you for the rigorous pre-med coursework.

Being able to analyze and interpret data is a necessary skill to obtain early on since you’ll need to be confident in interpreting data for college and the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®). Strong math skills are important to have for high school students planning on going pre-med.

Though science and math courses are heavily emphasized for a career in the medical field, English courses are just as important. Writing and communication skills are a requirement for every type of higher education.

Taking AP classes will help show admission officers that you’re striving academically but they can also save you money on tuition if you earn a high score on the AP exam. AP courses in foreign languages and psychology are also available in addition to the AP courses in Science, Math, and English.