Supporting Homeschooling for Middle School Online

Virtual School Strengthens Homeschool Education Programs

eAchieve Academy’s online middle school courses help fill in the gaps often present in a homeschooling educational program. Juggling the several roles necessary to provide their child with a comprehensive learning experience is a monumental task for homeschooling parents. On top of the normal demands of parenthood, homeschool requires fostering the development of academic and social skills.

More options for homeschooled students in 6th – 8th grade

eAchieve Academy can help parents with academic work during the formative 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Our online program provides students with class options not often taught at home, like foreign language and IT courses.

Supplement your homeschool plan with an online middle school curriculum. Your child stands to benefit from the consistent parental guidance your current homeschooling provides and a flexible, quality academic program provided by eAchieve Academy.

Resources Helping Academic Progress of Homeschool Students

Transferring to online middle school can be a big adjustment for students used to attending class in person. Fortunately, eAchieve Academy supplies students and parents with many helpful tools to guide progress through their academic career.

All students work at different levels and thrive in distinct environments.

Online learning accommodates all students by providing a pace chart mapping each course’s curriculum. Students study at the pace and in the manner best suiting their particular learning style. The pace charts list weekly assignments and activities to give students an outline of how the semester will unfold, allowing them to keep up with the class or plan their studies so they don’t get left behind.

Students consistently communicate with counselors and teachers. 

eAchieve Academy provides live, teacher-lead “e-sessions” encouraging student participation with other students and teachers alike. These sessions are not required, but they give students an opportunity to discuss their academic studies and ask questions or their teachers and peers in real time.

A password-protected, round-the-clock portal.

This contains all of the documents and information students need to complete and submit work. It contains pages for grades, assignments, class lessons and teacher feedback, letting parents and students see how the course is progressing whenever they want.

Parents can feel confident in their modified homeschool plan with eAchieve Academy’s tools for enabling students to tackle their academic study independently.