Staying focused during online classwork

Taking online classes can be a fantastic choice for students for a variety of reasons. One of the most common issues that students face — particularly in classrooms that have many students — is staying focused. Online classes mean there are fewer distractions though you might still be faced with kids that need help focusing. 

Take Frequent Breaks

While this tip can sound counterproductive, it can help your child regain lost focus. Taking frequent breaks every 20 to 30 minutes can help clear the mind. Older children can get a snack while younger ones might need to get moving to make it easier to focus later. 

Listen to Music…or Not

Some people need to have absolute silence when they’re studying. Others benefit from the right music. While one child might find classic rock motivating, another’s tastes could veer more toward relaxation music. Even the child who needs quiet can benefit from headphones to help reduce the volume of noise in the surrounding environment. 

Gather Materials 

Before getting started on a lesson, help your child find all the materials that might be needed. Gather paper and pencils for the student who likes to manipulate things instead of using an online white board. Refill water bottles, locate headphones and choose the desired musical selections to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Nix distractions

Make sure that there are no distractions during classwork time. If possible, establish an area in your home that is solely for your child’s schoolwork. Keep it free of games and electronic devices. Distract younger siblings with activities elsewhere. Put away the cell phones and tablets unless they are needed for classwork.  

Block unnecessary sites

When your child is online for the sole purpose of completing their classwork, make sure that the school site is the only one open. Having YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or other sites running the background makes it all too easy for your child to click over to check for the latest updates. If necessary, use browser extensions to set up problem sites to block as well as times of the day in which they are unavailable. 

Log in as a guest

A simple fix to the issue with distracting sites is to log your child on a guest while he or she is doing online classwork. Doing so eliminates access to many of the items that are saved on the desktop, such as Minecraft and other games, and can help maintain focus. 

Make sure basic needs are met first

Try to schedule online classwork for those times of the day when your child is alert and ready to focus. Make sure that she or he isn’t hungry or give them a non-messy snack to eat while they are skimming over their assignments for the day. Have them visit the restroom and dress comfortably before sitting down to start their schoolwork. 

The above ideas are ones that can be applied to students of all ages. eAchieve Academy offers high-quality educational experiences for Wisconsin students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Contact eAchieve Academy in Wisconsin today to learn more.