Pros and Cons of Online Middle School in Wisconsin

Advantages of online middle school:

An online educational program can be of enormous benefit to middle school students who are eager to learn and put forward the effort necessary to excel academically.

Virtual learning presents several benefits for students willing to put in the work:

  • Students are given license to build their own schedules
  • Students manage their own education & learn at their own pace
  • Students can pick from a wide range of classes taught by experienced, certified teachers
  • Students who move frequently or face health issues can keep up with their education

While some students thrive in a more flexible environment, some may struggle.The internal development required to gain the self-discipline and time management skills required for success does not come easily for all children.

But wait, there’s more:

Parents looking to ease their child into self-driven studies can use our part-time enrollment option to begin developing the necessary traits for successful online learning.

After completing a semester or year part-time, many students who would have struggled immediately enrolling full-time are ready for the switch. The world of online education is in its infancy and rapidly evolving. While legitimate concerns exist, eAchieve Academy understands and confronts them directly.

Addressing the potential disadvantages of online middle school:

Many critics express concern for the lack of social interaction in online schooling. Students who fail to develop communication skills may struggle in later academia and in the workforce.

How eAchieve Academy addresses the risk posed by limited social engagements:

  • We tackle it by providing students with an online environment stressing live communication with other students and teachers.
  • For each course, eSessions are held on a weekly basis. In these sessions, teachers facilitate live discussion between students concerning course concepts and relevant assignments.

Many students in traditional schools feel intimidated or too shy to take part in academic and social life. They often retreat into themselves, effectively cutting off interactions with the people they meet face to face on a daily basis.

  • Online education, on the other hand, offers all students the chance to speak up and engage the class without risk of embarrassment.
  • In fact, many shy students quickly open up and become lively, active participants in class when switched to an online program.

Another area of concern is how students are given much more freedom to make decisions for themselves.

  • Our online middle school makes sure parents are very aware of their child’s progress. We provide parents with constant access to grades through the online hub, progress reports throughout the semester and activity reports sent by email every week.

One of the biggest concerns among students considering an online education is the legitimacy of the diploma attained through online school. Many wonder, “Will colleges take an online diploma seriously?”

Yes! Students attaining a diploma through eAchieve Academy receive the same diploma as any other in the School District of Waukesha. Graduates may attend the graduation ceremony in person.