Preparing for College: The Best High School Courses for Engineering

Are you a high school student with dreams of pursuing an engineering degree in college? If so, you’re on the right path to an exciting and rewarding career. However, to be fully prepared for the challenges of an engineering program, you should start laying the foundation in high school. In this article, we’ll explore the high school courses for engineering and skills that can help you pave the way for your future engineering career.

Math Mastery: The Key to Engineering Success

One of the fundamental building blocks for an engineering career is a strong foundation in mathematics. To embark on your engineering journey, you should aim to take the most challenging math courses available to you in high school. Ideally, you should have completed calculus by the time you graduate. This means planning ahead, perhaps starting with algebra before high school and diving into geometry early in your high school years.

eAchieve Academy offers online high school math courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes, that can prepare you for college-level math. Taking these courses can equip you with the math skills necessary for success in your engineering degree program. Consider speaking with an eAchieve advisor today to explore your options and begin your journey towards an engineering degree.

Recommended High School Courses for Aspiring Engineers

There are certain high school courses that can give you a significant advantage when you reach college to pursue your dream of becoming an engineer. Here are some high school courses that will set you on the right path toward a career in engineering:

English (Four Years): Engineers often work in teams, present their ideas, and communicate with clients. Strong communication skills are a must in the field. At eAchieve, we offer a variety of online high school English courses for aspiring engineers. 

Math (Four Years): Engineering is all about solving complex problems. Enroll in as many rigorous math courses as possible during high school. eAchieve offers many online high school math courses that can help you prepare for college-level math such as Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry,  AP Calculus, and Pre-College math.

Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics): Understanding the core sciences is essential for engineering. At least three courses in these subjects will give you a strong foundation. Explore the online high school science courses offered at eAchieve to prepare for your engineering career.

Information Technology (IT) Courses: To prepare for an engineering career in high school, taking IT courses can equip you with the knowledge and skills that are transferable to engineering. These include technical, problem solving, interdisciplinary, and problem identification skills along with gaining an understanding of technology and software. View the online high school IT classes available at eAchieve that we recommend taking.

Social Studies (Two Years): Engineers often tackle problems in complex social, political, and economic contexts. Developing an understanding of these areas will make you a more well-rounded engineer. Check out the variety of online high school social studies courses offered at eAchieve.

World Language (Two Years): Engineering projects often involve collaboration with international partners. Taking world language courses in high school can help facilitate cross-cultural communication in your future engineering career, which is a crucial skill in today’s globalized workforce.

Your journey to becoming an engineer starts in high school. By taking the right courses and developing essential skills, you can prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities that await in your engineering career. 

Why Choose eAchieve for Online High School Engineering Courses?

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