Is Wisconsin’s Best Middle School the Best Choice for You?

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eAchieve Academy is a tuition-free online public charter school offering an extensive online middle school curriculum for 6th, 7th & 8th grade students.

Middle school students living anywhere in Wisconsin are eligible to enroll full-time or part-time at eAchieve. Our K-12 virtual school is sponsored by the Waukesha school district and fully accredited.

Learn more about online middle school below or contact us for help choosing the best middle school option.

8 Reasons Why eAchieve Academy is the best online middle school in WI:

1. eAchieve is a free online middle school for Wisconsin residents.

No matter which school district you live in, you’re eligible for free enrollment, free tuition and even a free laptop.

2. We compare the pros and cons online middle school so you can decide.

Online learning provides a wealth of options and opportunities for the right students–are you one of them?

3. Our free courses can support homeschooling for middle school online.

Our online classes and highly experienced teachers allow middle school students to get a high quality education in a safe and comfortable setting.

4. Students can earn high school credits in middle school.

Online learning gives motivated students more choices and control as they plan ahead for high school and college.

5. eAchieve has a fully accredited online middle school program.

Choose from a wide range of middle school courses and benefit from truly personalized learning with support from certified Wisconsin teachers.

6. We offer a wide range of online middle school electives.

Enjoy taking electives like world languages, theater, digital arts and much more. You can even join clubs and make friends in online school!

7. We have amazing online middle school reviews.

Read or watch videos to find out what Wisconsin students and parent love about eAchieve. You can also meet our staff or attend an open house to learn more.

8. Our virtual school provides middle school schedules that really work.

Not only will you enjoy a flexible schedule, there are no restrictions on class size, so you’ll never have to miss out because the class you want to take is full.