How to take Online AP Courses

Can I Take AP Classes Online?

Absolutely. eAchieve Academy has a free online AP curriculum with courses approved by the College Board. Taking AP classes puts students at a big advantage as they go into college. College credit earned by completing AP courses online saves thousands in tuition and the more rigorous AP curriculum prepares high schoolers for the heavier workload of college.

In addition to preparing students for college, taking free online AP courses through eAchieve Academy allows students to complete their work on their own schedules.

Who can take online AP courses?

AP Courses are administered by each state’s college board. As a public charter school, any Wisconsin high school student can enroll in online AP courses through us– not just full-time eAchieve Academy students. For students at traditional public schools that don’t offer AP classes, or homeschooled students, eAchieve Academy offers the opportunity to take AP classes at no cost.

Any student who displays the traits of a successful online high school student is more than welcome to enroll in AP courses through eAchieve Academy.

How do online AP courses work?

Online AP courses through eAchieve Academy work the same way regular online classes do. Students will work through a syllabus to complete assignments, readings and research projects. There are tests and an instructor to track progress and assist with coursework as needed. The main difference is that students are responsible for their own time management, schedules and completing their coursework independently. As with all AP classes, at the end of the semester, there is a College Board Exam.