How to Earn High School Credits in Middle School

Which middle school courses to take if you’re planning for high school & college

It’s never too early for college-bound middle school students to start thinking about how to earn high school credits to get ahead. 

With the right planning and good study habits, the courses you take in middle school can help you earn high school credits and even help you graduate early.

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How to Earn High School Credits in Middle School

Wisconsin law allows students in grade 7 or 8 to earn high school credits. There are three conditions middle school students need to meet if they want credit earned in 7th or 8th grade to count as high school credit:

  1. The middle school student has to prove they’re academically prepared for high school coursework by taking a state examination.
  2. High school credit can only be earned in a middle school course if the teacher is licensed to teach the subject in high school.
  3. To receive high school credit in a middle school course, the class has to have a curriculum and assessments equal to those used to teach the same subject at a high school level.

Wisconsin Act 138 passed in 2013 says if the three conditions listed above are met, a school board may count a middle school student’s credit toward state graduation requirements for high school.

How to Prepare for College in Middle School

The classes you take in middle school affect your college prospects. Most colleges prefer students who have taken specific courses in high school. The way to make sure your high school transcript is attractive to college admissions offices is by planning ahead.

Many of the desirable courses can only be taken after completing basic courses first. The best way a middle school student can prepare for college is by taking (and passing!) the right courses in 7th and 8th grade.

College-bound 7th & 8th grade students thinking about how to prepare for college in middle school should focus on mastering core subjects to prepare for more challenging coursework (and college entrance exams) in years to come. Math, English, science, history, geography, foreign language, computer science and the arts all contribute not only to intellectual development but advancement to higher education.

Research has shown students who complete algebra by the end of 8th grade and geometry by the end of 9th grade are far more likely to go to college. Thinking ahead to college while still in middle school has other benefits. Students who pass classes in algebra, foreign language and computer skills are better qualified for AP classes and earned college credit in high school.

How online learning helps middle school students prepare for college

Virtual school has lasting advantages, including time management skills and critical thinking. For students motivated to succeed and forge their own path in life, online education is often a perfect fit.

eAchieve Academy’s students have a proven track record of academic achievement, receiving high scores on standardized tests, Advanced Placement, and college entrance exams. eAchieve Academy’s graduates have been accepted into colleges, universities, and technical colleges all over the country.

If you or your student have questions about how to earn high school credits in middle school or how to prepare for college in middle school , our academic advisors are ready to help. Contact eAchieve Academy to learn more.