How to Decide if Online Middle School is Right For You

Going to a new school is not always easy, especially when you never set foot in the building. Online education has become a popular topic, even before the global pandemic in 2020 forced schools to close their doors. Now that traditional learning forms begin to return, many middle school students ask themselves if going to school online is right for them. Taking classes online offers students flexibility and independence. Since each student is unique and thrives in different learning environments, it is important to consider a number of factors to decide if you are ready to become an online student. Our guide provides essential considerations to decide if online middle school is right for you. 

What is online middle school like? 

Taking middle school online has many similarities with more traditional learning environments. At eAchieve Academy, we provide middle school students with all the core subjects found in traditional schooling including math, language arts, science and social studies- all taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified instructors. Our live online class sessions and online chats are a great way for students to get to know their classmates and teachers better. In addition to connecting online, there are many opportunities for field trips, social outings and clubs!

What distinguishes online learning from the traditional model is the flexibility of coursework and availability beyond the traditional model. While more self discipline and motivation are required, both are life skills that will benefit you in high school, college, and your future career. Taking middle school online offers excellent opportunities if you want greater flexibility and the ability to work at your own pace however it requires certain characteristics. 

Considerations to Decide if Taking Middle School Online is For You 

1. Organization Skills

Organization skills are needed to excel in an online learning environment. You will need to make sure you have an organized work space to keep track of your books and materials. Having more independence means that you will also need to keep track of your calendar and manage your own schedule. 

2. Self Discipline

To be a successful online student, you need to have self-discipline to stay on top of your work. Every online middle school class at eAchieve has a pace chart to help keep you on track. 

3. Focused Attention

When attending classes from the comfort of your home, there can be many potential distractions. Whether you have a pet that wants to play or a refrigerator in the next room over, it can become easy to find excuses to step away. When taking a class online, it is important that you have the discipline to focus in classes and on your studies.

4. Willingness to Ask for Help

To thrive in an online learning environment, it is important that you are comfortable to ask for help when needed. Connecting with your instructor through emails and other preferred communication methods may require more effort.

5. Self Motivated

A major benefit of online learning is that motivated students can move at their own accelerated pace. Successful online learners perform best if they have a high level of self-motivation to keep up with classes and assignments. 

6. Ability to Handle Flexibility and Freedom

For many middle school students, the sound of having more flexibility and freedom are enticing. While attending middle school online allows you to take classes and study on your own time, this level of freedom can result in procrastination. Before deciding to enroll in an online class, you should carefully consider if this learning style will benefit you or make it harder.

7. Being Comfortable With Technology

Digital classrooms require you to feel comfortable working with technology. For example you will need to view and submit assignments online and collaborate with students and teachers virtually. As an online learner, you should be willing to learn how it works and use the digital platforms to take advantage of what the virtual class has to offer. At eAchieve, we provide laptops to full-time online middle school students absolutely free. We may also be able to help cover the cost of internet service for families in need.

eAchieve Academy is chartered through the Waukesha School District and provides free online classes for middle school aged residents of Wisconsin. We are an educational option available to all state residents through Wisconsin’s open enrollment program. Our virtual academy has been designed to give students the tools to take control of their education, free from unnecessary restrictions like a fixed schedule and a brick-and-mortar building.

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