How Many AP Classes Should I Take?

An Online Guide to High School AP Classes

Advanced placement classes are where students dig deeper into course material. With our free online AP courses, there is no such thing as an “easy A.” Students must stay on top of assigned reading, homework assignments, and practice tests or risk falling behind. eAchieve Academy has dedicated teachers available via phone, email, or live sessions to ensure students have the assistance necessary to succeed.

When considering how many AP classes to take, keep in mind certain AP classes are best suited for Juniors or Seniors, while others may be appropriate for Sophomores or Freshmen. You’ll want to challenge yourself, but you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Always make it realistic to get A’s and B’s.

AP classes are not restricted to eAchieve, although they are all offered here. If your Wisconsin school district high school offers advanced placement courses, then this list is perfect to get you started.

Already know which university you want to attend?

That’s awesome! eAchieve Academy can be the path to your academic goals. Take a look at AP credit eligibility and admissions requirements at your dream university. Graduates from eAchieve Academy have gone to schools all across the country. With a few AP classes under your belt, your transcript will show the college admissions staff that you’re driven, goal oriented and not scared of a challenge.

How Many AP Classes Should a Freshman Take?

During their first year, high school students mainly focus on their core classes, but can still get ahead by taking AP courses. 9th grade online courses give freshmen a great start in high school, but you don’t want to jump into unknown territory completely blind. It is recommended for a freshman student to stick to one or two courses. Jumping from middle school assignments to AP can be overwhelming, but if freshmen decide to try it out they have a number of options with eAchieve Academy. For instance, musically inclined freshmen may do well in AP Music Theory. See all 9th grade AP classes we offer online.

Freshman year is the perfect time for students to dip their toes in the water of AP classes.

How Many AP Classes Should a Sophomore Take?

Once Sophomore year arrives, students are usually better equipped to take on more than one online advanced placement class. Online 10th grade classes help Wisconsin students form a well-rounded education and advanced placement classes will boost their knowledge base. AP courses at this level will be more challenging, but your student is likely done with a number of their core classes and can dedicate some time to a more challenging program. eAchieve Academy offers a variety of AP History and Social Science courses that are suitable for a Sophomore student. See all 10th grade AP classes we offer online.

Getting ahead on AP classes Sophomore year will free up your time to put more energy into preparing for the SAT and ACT in your junior year.

How Many AP Classes Should a Junior Take?

Regular online classes for Juniors in high school are increasingly popular – and advanced placement courses are following the trend. eAchieve Academy recommends your student take core AP classes such as AP Sciences or AP Foreign Languages come junior year. It’s a good idea to take two to four AP classes junior year, but students should be careful to not spread themselves too thin. It’s important to keep in mind Wisconsin high school students take the SAT & ACT in their junior year. An applicant with a strong test score will look better much better than an applicant who took six AP classes, but had a less than average GPA. See all 11th grade AP classes we offer online.

Junior year, it will be up to the student to decide how many, if any, AP courses they feel prepared to take on.

How Many AP Classes Should a High School Senior Take?

Senior year is a critical time when students must balance college applications with challenging classes. While our 12th grade online courses are challenging, augmenting them with AP classes like AP English and AP Macroeconomics is a great idea. Students who have completed most of their required courses will usually have more time to dedicate to rigorous AP courses. Advanced students who are interested in attending more selective colleges and universities will sometimes enroll in as many as five to six AP courses in their senior year. See all 12th grade AP classes we offer online.

Finding the right number of AP classes to take Senior year comes down to where you see yourself in a year – will you be attending college or going into the workforce?