How Hard are AP Courses?

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Online AP classes are meant to cover more material, in more detail, in than normal high school classes. Students usually need to work outside of class more and have more demanding reading assignments. AP courses give students the opportunity to showcase their true potential instead of breezing through standard high school lessons.

Colleges give credit for AP classes because the course material meets college standards. The difficulty of an AP class differs from student to student. A history buff might find AP Biology more challenging while a bio student might have to worker harder to do well in an AP European History class.

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Which AP Classes are the Easiest?

Based on pass rates for AP Exams, some of the easier AP classes are AP Spanish, AP Calculus BC,  AP Psychology, AP Microeconomics, and AP Computer Science just to name a few. Although these have higher pass rates, it’s important to account for factors that may influence these numbers. Things like the individual student, teacher, and how prepared students are prior to the course all factor into these pass rates. If you don’t enjoy math, AP Calculus will certainly be a challenge. If you’re just starting out with AP classes or are looking for an easier AP class, talk to your counselor or teacher for advice. 

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Which AP Classes are the Most Difficult?

AP US History, AP Biology, AP English Literature, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, and AP Chemistry are often counted among the hardest AP classes and tests. These AP classes go through a large amount of material, have difficult final exams, and concepts can be very difficult to understand. It’s important to remember much of this is subjective in nature, as a student with an aptitude for math will find AP Calculus BC easier than AP English Literature, or vice versa. Regardless, AP courses of this caliber will be a challenge for any student. eAchieve offers AP Prep classes for AP English and American Literature, which introduce students to the skills and strategies needed to be successful in AP classes and exams.

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Is AP Psychology Hard?

AP Psychology is widely considered among students to be relatively “easy” compared to other AP classes. There is generally less material to cover prior to the exam compared to courses like AP Biology or AP Chem, resulting in a relatively high pass rate.  That being said, AP Psychology is still a college-level course, like all AP classes. Students should still be prepared to put in more-than-usual time and effort into the course.

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Is AP Physics Hard?

For students with strong math skills who enjoy science courses, AP Physics 1 offers a challenging introduction to college-level physics, while AP Physics 2 dives deeper into concepts explored in AP Physics 1. Because AP Physics 1 & 2 are algebra-based courses (no calculus), they aren’t as hard as more advanced AP Physics courses, though most students find it harder than regular high school physics classes.

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Is AP World History Hard?

AP World History is regarded as a challenging course as quite a bit of material is covered. The workload can be more extensive compared to other AP courses, but as long as you keep up with the work assigned, passing the course exam is very attainable. 

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Is AP Chemistry Hard?

AP chemistry can prove to be especially challenging for those without any kind of background or experience with chemistry and math. If either of those come difficult to you, AP Chemistry will be more difficult. However, those students with prior chemistry, math and science knowledge will find AP Chemistry challenging, but very rewarding. Like many AP courses, there is a lot of content covered in AP Chemistry.

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Is AP Art History Hard?

If you have an interest in history classes and art in general, AP Art History is a course you will likely excel at. AP Art History involves a significant amount of reading and writing assignments. The course is quite manageable if you put in the time and effort to keep up with the course work. 

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Is AP Economics Hard?

AP Macroeconomics is the study of economics on a global scale (countries, the world, etc) and AP Microeconomics is the study of economic systems on a smaller scale (individuals, groups, companies, etc). Microeconomics is generally considered the best and easiest starting point among the 2 courses since you start at the individual level before you try and understand those principles on a higher level. Microeconomics is more mathematical and will give you a solid foundation for macroeconomics. It is recommended to take both AP Economics courses. 

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Is AP Computer Science Principles Hard?

The AP Computer Science Principles course is often cited as an easier course and test for those with prior background in computers or simple coding. The course is an introduction to computer science for beginners and does not dive too deep into computer science concepts. It’s generally considered as the easier of the computer science AP classes. AP Computer Science A dives deeper into concepts and coding.

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