Choose the Best AP Courses Based on your College and Career Goals

Start Your College Career With AP In High School

eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of AP courses to help you reach all your high school academic goals. Most universities, especially Ivy League schools appreciate students who take full advantage of challenging courses while maintaining a high GPA. Participating in AP classes geared towards your desired major shows admissions officers that you’re prepared for college-level courses and have taken the steps to achieve your goals.

Already know what you want to major in? eAchieve Academy can help guide you towards your desired field of study. Check out the admissions requirements at your dream school and find the best online AP classes for your major below. High AP exam scores can also earn you college credits, saving you money on tuition.

Best AP classes for Pre Med students

High school students interested in studying medicine should focus on science AP courses to help prepare them for the rigorous course work pre-med students face starting their freshman year of college. We offer a wide range of math and science courses to help keep you ahead of the curve. Some of the best online AP classes to take include:

Explore types of medical field careers and the recommended classes to take in high school in our Planning Your Medical Career blog.

Best AP classes for Business majors

Business is an expansive field of study that allows for an array of job opportunities after graduation. Students applying to business school should have a well-rounded education that spans high-level courses that will translate well into their future career aspirations. Recommended AP classes in high school to take include AP English and Psychology courses to understand mental processes and behaviors as they relate to marketing and AP Economics (Macro/Micro) to understand decision making and our economic system as a whole.

Best AP classes for Engineering

If you’re considering a degree in engineering you’ll be able to apply the skills learned in many of our AP courses to all types of engineering paths in college, including computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and more. The following courses attack a wide range of material through problem solving, design strategies and analytical thinking.

Best AP classes for Law School degree

Common majors for students who plan on entering law school are political science, history, English, psychology and criminal justice. Any of our AP courses will help you prepare for the school work that comes with pre-law college programs. Each of our recommended AP classes is designed to enhance students’ analytical thinking and exposes them to consuming large amounts of information.

Best AP classes for Art school

Every art related field can benefit from studying history. Analyzing the connections between politics, location, and cultures and how those impact works of art can help widen students’ perspectives.

Best AP classes for Ivy League schools

Have your heart set on attending an Ivy League school? eAchieve recommends taking as many AP courses you’re capable of taking without threatening your GPA. Ivy League schools, like most universities look for well-rounded students in addition to those with a clear career path. It’s best to take a variety of courses across multiple fields including history, science, language and math. Some of the best online AP classes to show Ivy League schools a student has challenged themselves and maximized their academic opportunities include:

Online AP Classes in Wisconsin

Online AP classes in Wisconsin are now more accessible than ever with eAchieve Academy. Take challenging courses while maintaining a high GPA, and earn college credits with high AP exam scores. 

Whether you’re interested in Pre-Med, Business, Engineering, Law, Art, or attending an Ivy League school, eAchieve has a wide range of online AP courses designed to help you reach your goals.

You can enroll now, get more info, an/or take online AP classes with eAchieve while still attending normal school. Contact us today to learn about enrollment and more.

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