Are AP Classes Worth It?

Many high school students preparing for college wonder: “Are AP classes worth it?” If this sounds familiar, this article is for you. Learn about the benefits Advanced Placement courses offer and tips on how to prepare for AP classes.

What are Advanced Placement Classes?

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are more challenging than standard high school classes. AP curriculums replicate college-level coursework to prepare you for college. Each year in May, the College Board administers AP Exams to assess what you have learned and measure if you have mastered the content and skills of the specific AP courses. Doing well on the exam can result in free college credits.

Anyone can sign up for AP courses. If you are an A student in standard high school courses, you may want to consider taking AP courses in the subjects you excel at if you are planning to apply to competitive colleges such as UW Madison, out of state colleges, and Ivy League Universities. Having AP courses on your transcript shows college admissions staff that you are motivated and goal oriented which can help your college application stand out to the competition.

eAchieve Academy offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses. Wisconsin residents under 21 are eligible to enroll 100% tuition free at eAchieve Academy either full time or part time, as we are recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and sponsored by the Waukesha School District.

Are Ap Classes Worth It?

Taking AP courses looks good to colleges on your high school transcripts. Besides helping your college application be more competitive, doing well on the AP Exams can result in earning free college credits while you’re still in high school. As a result, you can save money by reducing your college debt, pursue a double major easier, and graduate college in 4 years or less. Taking AP courses in high school enables you to get a deeper understanding of subjects you are interested in and sharpen your time management and test taking skills. So, are AP classes worth it? We’ll let you be the judge.

How to Prepare for AP Classes

If you are interested in adding AP curriculum to your high school schedule, eAchieve offers a few tips on how to prepare for AP classes.

  • Recognize how many AP classes you can handle. AP courses tend to involve more work than standard high school classes. Check out our helpful guide so you can set yourself up for success.

AP classes are not for everyone but can be an excellent path for motivated students up for the challenge. eAchieve Academy gives every student an opportunity to learn at their own pace while offering flexible scheduling to allow accelerated students to prepare for college early through our Advanced Placement courses. We would be happy to answer your questions about enrollment, online classes, extracurricular activities and more. Contact us today!