AP Classes for Homeschoolers

Can Homeschoolers Take AP Classes?

eAchieve Academy offers academically inclined homeschooled students the opportunity to take up to 2 Advanced Placement classes every semester in preparation for the AP exam. The College Board administers these exams each year in May. All AP classes offered at eAchieve Academy have been reviewed and approved by the College Board to be listed as AP courses.

Because eAchieve Academy is an online charter school in the Waukesha school district, tuition is free for students anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. 

We offer many different online AP classes for homeschoolers:

Check out our full online AP course curriculum available to homeschooled high school students living in all Wisconsin school districts.

Benefits of Taking AP Classes as a Homeschooler

The benefits of taking online AP classes for homeschoolers through eAchieve Academy are numerous. AP classes are a great way for homeschoolers to take college-level course work to prepare for college. AP classes also look great on transcripts, so homeschoolers can get into the college of their dreams. Not only that, homeschoolers can receive college credit for taking AP classes, saving time and money spent going to college.

Just some of the benefits of taking online AP classes with eAchieve Academy as a homeschooler include:

  • Experience college-level coursework
  • Receive college credit, saving money & time on college
  • Competitive application for college
  • Gain a deeper understanding of a subject you love
  • Gain time management and difficult test taking skills

What Sort of Time Commitment Does an AP Class Require?

An Advanced Placement class is designed to replicate college-level work, so it will require a significant amount of time. At a bare minimum, a student should be able to devote at least 5 hours per week to the class—although most classes require 10 or more hours per week for a student to do well and pass the AP exam. If you already have a busy schedule, keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

Why Take AP Classes at eAchieve Academy?

All online AP classes offered at eAchieve are taught by experienced educators who are committed to helping their students reach their full potential. Many homeschool parents turn to us because they realize an experienced teacher is better able to help with subjects they don’t feel knowledgeable enough about. They’re still involved with the coursework, but don’t have to be the expert.

Taking AP classes online gives your student the flexibility to learn at his/her own pace and schedule, while you can feel confident the course material and instruction meet the high standards of the College Board. And because eAchieve Academy is an online charter school in the Waukesha school district, tuition is free for students anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.

There’s another reason to consider an AP class from eAchieve Academy: since homeschoolers are graded by their parents, most colleges don’t quite know what to make of their grades. Grades from an online AP class, on the other hand, have no hint of bias. The same goes for a student’s score on the AP exam.

If you and your child are considering an AP class, we recommend enrolling before their senior year. Since AP exam scores aren’t released until July, taking an AP exam in May of the senior year will be too late in the school year to be of much help in the college admissions process. Homeschoolers who take AP classes and AP exams before their senior year have a better chance of receiving both college-level academic credits and scholarship offers.