Accredited Online Middle School Program in Wisconsin

Traditional Classes without Traditional Schooling 

When you transfer to online middle school, you don’t need to worry about a sudden change in academic content. eAchieve Academy’s online program picks right up where your student left off in traditional school.

Students are offered core courses in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Not only does our online curriculum provide the core classes you find in traditional institutions, it also allows students to arrange and schedule classes as they wish. Students may move at their own pace through courses depending on how easily they grasp the material.

Best of all, students anywhere in Wisconsin are eligible to enroll in our free online middle school and receive a K-12 education with more options than the traditional model.

Accredited Middle School Curriculum + Electives Online

What separates the eAchieve Academy program from traditional educational institutions is the wide array of course offerings for middle school students. Not only does the online program encourage students to schedule their coursework as it is convenient for them—it encourages diverse subject choice through a robust list of electives.

Students in our 6th, 7th and 8th grade programs will find courses unavailable in most traditional school programs, including Intro to Digital Arts, Career Exploration and Food Dynamics.

While many traditional schools reserve electives to the high school grades, our online middle school promotes student class choice earlier. It’s never too soon to teach students how to choose for themselves and show responsibility for their own education.

Give your student the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education you won’t find in a traditional school!