12th Grade

About Greg

As an aspiring professional dancer, Greg needs to train as much as possible. He found it difficult to juggle his intense dance training regiment and part-time job hours around a conventional school day.

“eAchieve has given me opportunities I never would have even thought of when I attended traditional school. The school not only allows me to study dance at a much higher level, but also gave me the time and flexibility to pursue national internships, scholarships, and education opportunities held throughout the country.”

When in a traditional school setting, Greg believed his time was not utilized well and there was too much focus on social relationships. By transferring to eAchieve Academy, he could practice dance 30 hours a week while keeping up with his studies when it fit his schedule.

“For me the choice was simple – eAchieve is the only place where I could truly achieve all my goals and discover new ones. Thanks eAchieve!”