10th Grade Son

About Laurie

After being fed up with bullying issues in the public school system, Laurie moved her son into an online learning environment in 8th grade and enrolled in eAchieve Academy for high school.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the school from the teachers to the counselors – we just can’t say enough good things about it. Our son is getting an excellent education, and the flexibility of online learning a huge advantage.”

Since her son is a second-degree Taekwondo black belt and trains extensively in addition to working 20 hours a week, the family also finds the use of time is just so much better.

“We never realized how much time was wasted during the school day. He’s like a little college student. He’s very focused and he’s learning good time management.”

Laurie also finds the teachers exceptionally responsive and is impressed by their dedication to providing individualized help.

“There’s a one-on-one feeling. The teachers are just phenomenal. He never got that kind of personal attention before. The teachers go out of their way to make sure he understands the information.”