9th and 6th Grade Sons

About Eileen

Eileen felt she was in a constant battle to get services for her sons with special needs when they were in the local public school system. Her high-school-aged son is challenged by autism and dyslexia, while her middle-school son struggled academically.

“Our local district wasn’t meeting their needs academically or emotionally. We looked for an academic setting that could be tailored to their needs, and eAchieve has turned out to be a great choice.”

In eAchieve Academy, Eileen found a staff that was proactive in offering support services and following her son’s IEP.

“I was literally in tears on the phone when they were telling me all the things that were available for my son and all the things they were going to do for him. I had always fought for services, but now we’re in an atmosphere where everything has been offered rather than me having to push for it.”

The flexibility of eAchieve has helped her sons move more quickly through strength areas and spend extra time – without penalty of late assignments – on assignments that are more difficult. In addition, the boys no longer have the added pressure of being bullied.