eAchieve Academy was one of Wisconsin’s pioneers in virtual education. We use our years of experience to continue to deliver high quality education in an online virtual school setting. Our team of passionate teachers is dedicated to student success. By offering office hours, quick and easy phone or email access and weekly online live classroom sessions, our staff creates a welcoming learning environment which allows students to take learning into their own hands.

Our instructors don’t just like teaching, they are avid fans of teaching online. Our incredible teachers are committed to keeping abreast of the latest technologies and eLearning teaching methods. Our teachers are also easily accessible to parents. By sending out three progress reports each semester and offering 24/7 parent access to their child’s grade book, eAchieve Academy lets parents be more involved in their child’s online learning experience than compared to a traditional school setting.

Teachers who personalize plans for your student

eAchieve Academy online high, middle and elementary school teachers aren’t just facilitating a “cookie cutter” course curriculum. They take pride in having full ownership of their classes to ensure they can implement flexible, effective solutions that help you learn more, better and faster.

  • 34 teachers total
  • 100% Wisconsin state-certified
  • 19.2 years average teaching experience
  • 63% possess master’s degrees
  • 5.8 years average online teaching experience

Customized Curriculums

Competitors don’t write their own curriculum, they often develop an online curriculum at the corporate office and replicate it to all the locations, we don't. At eAchieve Academy, we develop curriculums that are best for each student. Our experienced instructors create their own lesson plans and curriculums to adapt to what will best fit their students.

Higher Pay & Expectations

Experienced teachers at eAchieve are held at the highest standard and are rewarded with higher pay because of this higher expectation. Our teachers are responsible for their classes and plans in their entirety. eAchieve's curriculums aren't "cookie-cutter" or developed at the corporate office, our teachers create plans from their own expertise.

Better Grading Practices

Competitors let the computers do the online grading, which may be easier but not always helpful for the students. At eAchieve, our teachers aren't there to let the computer do the work, instead they carefully grade assignments and can provide helpful feedback to the student. This helps the student learn more effectively by working closely with the teachers.

Overall Better Quality

eAchieve Academy offers a higher quality experience and education than competitors. The mix of our experienced and certified teachers, flexible online approach, and accredited courses makes eAchieve stand out in online learning. High-quality education and services are our top priorities to make online schooling work for your family.

In addition to their own lessons, activities, and assessments, eAchieve Academy teachers draw from the following list of online resources. This list will continue to grow as additional quality resources become available and/or are discovered.


  • Khan Academy
  • Discovery Streaming
  • DreamBox
  • Matific

Health & PE

  • BrainPop
  • BrainPop Jr
  • YouTube
  • GetEpic
  • TumbleBooks
  • GoNoodle
  • Discovery Ed


  • Dancemat typing
  • Typing.com

Science & Social Studies

  • Alaska Sea Life Center
  • Brain Pop
  • Brain Pop, Jr
  • Discovery Streaming
  • Follet Digital Resources
  • NASA Online School
  • National Geographic
  • Pebble Go
  • PHeT
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways
  • Science Fusion


  • Writing A-Z
  • Google Docs (for creation)


  • Great Artists


  • Lexia
  • NewsELA
  • Follet Digital Resources
  • Raz Kids
  • Reading A-Z
  • Tumble Books
  • ReadWorks
  • GetEpic


  • Musicplay
  • BrainPop
  • BrainPop Jr.
  • SFS Kids
  • Classics for Kids
  • Carnegiehall.org
  • Making Music Fun
  • YouTube
  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • Vocaroo
Rachel Visner


“One of the neatest things about eAchieve Academy is there are students from all over the state and they come from very different backgrounds, so we get a lot of cool perspectives that the students share. As a history teacher, my goal is to have the students see that what happened in the past is directly related to what is going on in the world today. I want them to get to a point where they can make those connections on their own. If they understand history, they can understand current events.”

More About Me
Amy Rosno


“My husband and I decided we wanted our children home for the middle school years to give us more control over their education during those formative years. eAchieve Academy gave us that opportunity. There tends to be more questions than face-to-face learning because they feel I’m more approachable than raising their hand and asking a question in front of the whole class. I try to reach the needs of individual students, so everyone walks away with the job of reading the great literary works.”

More About Me
Tom Young


“Online learning gives students control over their time and space and makes them owners of that process. They aren’t getting it for someone else; they are getting it for themselves. In the security and ease of learning in their own home, students can go through the material more quickly and more deeply than in a traditional classroom setting. The students also learn to be good self advocates.”

Meet the Teachers

We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings.

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Explore our fully accredited online classes taught by experienced teachers, for K-12 students giving families more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

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An online educational can be of enormous benefit to middle school students who are eager to learn and put forward the effort necessary to excel academically.

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