Meet the high, middle and elementary school teachers

Talented, Wisconsin State Certified teachers offer top notch education to our online students

As a pioneer in the world of virtual learning, eAchieve Academy owes much of its success to our talented staff and incredible, passionate teachers. We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings. Unlike some online schools, our instructors aren’t supplied by a for-profit education management organization. Every teacher at our Wisconsin virtual academy lives and works right here like you.

  • Weekly online live sessions
  • 100% Wisconsin state-certified
  • Easily accessible through email or phone
  • Foster a network of support for students and parents
  • 19.2 years average teaching experience
  • 5.8 years average online teaching experience
  • 63% possess master’s degrees
  • Strong, open lines of communication with each student

The competency-based credit deficiency program helps adults under the age of 21 obtain their high school degree. With eAchieve Academy’s online high school, you get an excellent opportunity to get your diploma with a strong support network helping you along the way.

Family & Consumer Sciences teachers stress important home and life skills. The department is a healthy blend of both elements, providing courses in career planning, chef foods, child development and life skills.

eAchieve Academy’s IT teachers prepare students for a rapidly evolving tech industry. Information technology courses across all grades teach foundational concepts in computer applications, personal accountability, creativity and integration.

eAchieve Academy’s social studies department teaches a wide variety of critical courses to facilitate understanding of current events and relevant political and socio-economic theories. Your student will become aware of cultural happenings around the world and the historical context surrounding them.

In an increasingly diverse world, the ability to speak multiple languages gives students a huge edge in the job hunt after graduation. The world languages department at eAchieve Academy is staffed by speakers of several different languages.

Students learn critical skills in creativity and innovation, technology concepts and operation, communication and personal responsibility and professionalism. Beginning and advanced art students are taught an understanding of art’s past while being prepared for the future of digital art.

Elementary teachers are constantly keeping up with each student’s academic development and tailoring the academic plan to the students to put your children on track to develop into successful students at every academic level.

Online math instructors teach basic and advanced mathematics concepts. eAchieve Academy offers a bevy of mathematics classes for students of all skill levels. Online students have a myriad of options for pursuing their mathematical field of choice.

Science teachers teach critical thinking skills.
The science department at eAchieve Academy offers core courses and advanced college-level science classes like biology, chemistry, many AP options, and fun electives like Forensic Science!

Our special education teachers design individualized lesson plans every school year for each student enrolled in the department. Our teachers work closely with special needs students to identify their interests and needs. This information allows them to develop an effective learning plan. The one-on-one support our special education teachers provide is difficult to find in other settings.

Teachers in the Business Education department of our online school design course plans to prepare students to enter the business world. eAchieve Academy offers Accounting, Digital Technologies and Entrepreneurship courses to help build students’ skills in today’s most important business topics.

Teachers in the English department of eAchieve Academy’s online school provide a wide array of course offerings. Students are given exposure to classic texts to broaden their minds and expand their knowledge of linguistics and language arts.

Health/PE instructors give our students a comprehensive education in healthy activities, including diet and nutrition, physical fitness and social and consumer awareness. Students learn the concepts of goal setting, self-advocacy, and physical activity.

eAchieve Academy’s music instructors help students build their own musical identity by instilling an understanding of musical structure and moving on to advanced topics in AP Music Theory and Music in Film. Our Music Appreciation course offers students fundamental concepts in melody, rhythm and harmony.

Meet Our Staff

eAchieve Academy provides knowledgable and helpful staff to help you succeed in the online learning journey. We make it our priority to answer any questions.

Meet Our Staff

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eAchieve Academy online high, middle and elementary school teachers aren't just facilitating a "cookie cutter" course curriculum.

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Teaching at your own pace is every bit as beneficial as learning at your own pace. Teachers love the personalized approach and the ability to teaching.

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