eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school in the Waukesha school district. This means we use tax funding to provide completely free online learning for Wisconsin residents under age 21. You can even get a free laptop. Virtual high school students study core classes online including English, history, math, science and a wide variety of elective, AP and honors courses—all taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified instructors.

  • Students study independently, complete homework assignments and take exams
  • Each online class has a pace chart to help keep you on track
  • You can attend optional live weekly eSessions for each course for a virtual classroom experience
  • Students can get in touch with teachers during office hours, by phone or email
  • Each student has an academic advisor for one-on-one support
  • If you want to, you can join clubs and participate in social events and community projects

Non-traditional students

Work, travel, family obligations and health concerns can make attending a traditional brick-and-mortar high school difficult. With online learning you can schedule your classes around your life, not the other way around. Online high school has many advantages including dedicated academic advisors, and the ability to learn at your own pace.

Homeschooled students

Students who are homeschooled are given the opportunity to learn subjects not normally taught in the home setting, like forensic science. Being able to mix home school with online learning will broaden your academic knowledge and allow you to socialize with other students in a safe environment.

Students Wanting To Graduate Early

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging in your education, work toward an early high school graduation with online classes. If your conventional schooling is slowing you down, you may be able to graduate in three or three-and-a-half years instead of the typical four.

Adults Under Age 21

For senior-aged students under 21 and lacking the credits to graduate, getting a diploma can be difficult through traditional schools. Our online program is a path to a high school diploma from the School District of Waukesha for highly motived students who are severely credit deficient.

From open houses to your current school counselors to parent and student reviews, there’s a plethora of resources to learn about online school and eAchieve Academy. You can attend one of the in-person open house stops scheduled at various locations throughout the state. eAchieve Academy employs dedicated teachers with many years of face-to-face and online teaching experience.

During the course of your eAchieve career, our guidance counselors can help you:

  • Transfer transcripts
  • Choose classes and plan class sequence
  • Change classes
  • Understand and meet Wisconsin graduation requirements
  • Plan for academic and career success
  • With college admissions
  • Get information about college entrance exam testing
  • Prepare for the job hunt

There are different types of enrollment and different ways to enroll. You can figure out the best way/type for your circumstance below.

  • Open Enrollment (WI Residents Only)
  • Alternate Open Enrollment (WI Residents Only)
  • Special Cases
  • Part-Time Enrollment
  • Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time eAchieve students qualify for a free laptop from Milwaukee PC. We’ll contribute $400 towards this computer, which will get you the base model. Once you successfully complete your first semester at eAchieve, the laptop is yours to keep. High-speed Internet is recommended, but our courses will also run on slower Internet connections.

The best thing about eAchieve Academy is the flexibility of its schedule. This is why it’s such a great option for unconventional students. You can learn at your own pace and study when and wherever. Although there is flexibility to complete assignments any time within a semester, pace charts for online school are provided for each class to help you stay on top of your coursework without falling behind. In eSessions, students are able to ask questions, join discussions and interact with other students.

  • Summers Off!
  • Clubs
  • Student Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Yearbook
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Prom

When students graduate from eAchieve Academy, they get a 100% real high school diploma. It’s actually the same diploma other students who graduate from the Waukesha School District get. No eAchieve graduate has ever had their diploma rejected by a university admissions department. Furthermore, all eAchieve diplomas are backed by the full faith of the Department of Public Instruction. eAchieve is a public elementary, middle and high school and part of the Waukesha School District.

It’s totally up to you. By this point in your life, eAchieve Academy has taught you some very valuable skills you can use in wherever your journey is bringing you next.

  • Go to College
  • Start a Career
  • Start Your Own Business

Wake Up & Log In

Wake Up & Log In

When you wake up, log in to eAchieve to check messages, assignments, and grades so you don't miss a beat.

Choose First Subject

Choose First Subject

Successful eAchieve students will create a game plan for what subject they want to focus on first. This will help students get started on getting their work done.

Jump Around Subjects

Jump Around Subjects

Students will often jump around subjects to keep them motivated and make sure that they meet the expectations of each class.

Follow Pace Chart

Follow Pace Chart

Pace charts can be a students best friend. Online class pace charts help students stay on track to avoid falling behind or missing due dates.

Take Breaks, Eat Lunch

Take Breaks, Eat Lunch

To do great work, students are encouraged to take scheduled breaks and lunches. This helps students stay motivated and energized.

Ask For Help Anytime

Ask For Help Anytime

Successful eAchieve students are not afraid to ask questions. Our teachers are happy to help answer any question big or small.

Sometimes the best way to get a gauge on how viable an option is to read, see or hear about others’ experiences. The diversity among eAchieve’s students is one of its strengths. From musicians to farmers and athletes to actors, we’ve asked them (and their parents!) to review eAchieve.

K-12 Courses

Explore our fully accredited online classes taught by experienced teachers, for K-12 students giving families more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

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Meet the Teachers

We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings.

Meet The Teachers

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