Yes, you can start online K-12 school anytime given you meet a few requirements for immediate mid-year transfer. You can learn more amount the immediate transfer process here. Enrollment is wide open for all applicants during the open enrollment period.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment 

Approximately 10% of eAchieve Academy students have a documented disability. Our instructors help these students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). All students with an IEP have a special education teacher/case manager assigned to them. We welcome students with special needs and offer many related support services. eAchieve Academy counselors can help you decide if the independent nature of online learning is the right fit for your education.

Special Education Classes 

Yes, online K12 school DOES count as full time enrollment in the state of Wisconsin. Full time online coursework with eAchieve Academy offers students unprecedented flexibility to build their schedule according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Full-Time Enrollment 

The signup process is pretty straightforward but can vary based on what exactly you’re applying for and when you’re doing it. The State of Wisconsin offers students four options for taking online high school classes – standard open enrollment, part-time enrollment, alternate open enrollment and immediate transfer.

Learn more about how to sign up for online high school with eAchieve Academy.

Enroll Now 

Tuition is free for both full-time and part-time students for Wisconsin residents as long as you apply within the open enrollment windows. eAchieve Academy is funded by the state of Wisconsin – just like traditional public schools.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment 

A resident school district is the school district which coincides with your residence, or where you live and/or sleep at night. You may sleep at a residence, facility, or community home, which falls within the boundaries of a school district which you have the option of attending. Our Wisconsin school district list outlines all schools in the Wisconsin system to help you better understand your options.

Your residence may be within the perimeter of several school districts since many have overlapping boundaries, and if you are a resident of Wisconsin you may enroll in free online classes from eAchieve anywhere in the state. Consult our list and a professional to find the best path to education for your child.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment 

Yes – You can apply to transfer to another school before or during your freshman year. You can transfer high schools in 9th grade, either before the start of your freshman year or during the school year. You can transfer within the school district you live in, to a different district, or to an online high school.

Yes – You can apply to transfer to a different school before or during your sophomore year. Sophomore year of high school is a pivotal year. You’ve got an understanding of how high school works, but you’re not yet facing ACT/SAT testing or college application questions. 10th grade is a great time to explore new interests, whether that means trying new electives, joining a school club you’ve been curious about, or even getting your first part-time job.

There are plenty of reasons a sophomore year high school student might want or need to transfer schools. Maybe your current school doesn’t offer the AP classes you want. Social distractions could be getting in the way of your academic goals.

It’s natural to start feeling the need to exert more control over your daily schedule at this point, which would make transferring to online school a good choice.

Yes – You can apply to transfer to a different high school before or during your junior year. You can transfer high schools in 11th grade, before you start of junior year or at any time during the school year. You can transfer within the school district you live in, switch to a different district, or choose an online high school.

Yes – You can apply to transfer to a different high school before or even during your senior year. You can transfer high schools in 12th grade, either before the start of your senior year or during the school year. You can transfer within the school district you live in, to a different district, or to an online high school.

Because eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school operated by the Waukesha School District, there is no cost for Wisconsin students to attend, and students living in ANY Wisconsin school district are welcome to apply. The school even provides a laptop free of charge to all full-time students, and at the completion of each successful semester parents receive a reimbursement for their monthly internet access fees.

Students living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

eAchieve is open to all Wisconsin sixth grade students. In addition to full-time enrollment, students can enroll as part-time students to augment the curriculum at their bricks and mortar school, or to take elective classes not offered at their local school. Homeschooled sixth graders are also welcome to take part-time online classes through eAchieve Academy.

Nothing! As a public charter school, eAchieve Academy is free to K – 12 students living anywhere in Wisconsin, as well as home schooled students. There isn’t even a fee to enroll. Plus, eAchieve provides all full-time students with a free laptop who have enrolled at the start of the school year and a $60 per semester stipend for your internet service fees. The only costs you will incur are easily found supplies and materials.

Students living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

eAchieve accepts enrollment applications from 7th graders in Wisconsin and nationwide (tuition required for non-WI residents). In addition to full-time enrollment, students can enroll as part-time students to augment the curriculum at their brick and mortar school, or to supplement a homeschool curriculum.

As an online public charter school operated by the Waukesha School District, eAchieve Academy is free to all Wisconsin K-12 students, in any school district. There isn’t even an application fee. Additionally, all full-time students are provided with a free laptop, and parents receive a stipend each semester for their monthly internet access fees.

8th graders living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

The Open Enrollment Act allows students to attend any public school in their state. Parents or legal guardians of students may apply to public schools inside or outside their school district of residence. School districts are required to share information about the open enrollment process online, so parents can make an informed choice. You can find Wisconsin state law governing open enrollment.

Wisconsin State Legislature Site 

Open enrollment provides more options for students no matter where they live. Public education choices aren’t limited by their district of residence.

Open Enrollment is available to all Wisconsin residents enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

There is no fee associated with the Wisconsin Open Enrollment application process. eAchieve Academy is completely tuition-free for students living anywhere in Wisconsin.

Absolutely. Students in all Wisconsin school districts are welcome to apply to eAchieve Academy, an online charter school sponsored by the Waukesha School District.

A student may apply to no more than three school districts each year. However, applications submitted to a nonresident school board for a pupil to attend a virtual charter school do not count toward the three nonresident school board limit.

According to Wisconsin Statute 118.51, pupils attending an underlying elementary school district of a nonresident union high school district may be granted acceptance by the school board even if space in the grade or program to which they applied is not available. Elementary school students in any school district in the state are eligible to apply to our online public elementary school.

WI State Legislature Site 

Yes. Your application can be rejected by either the school district you live in or the school district you are applying to. Open enrollment applications may be denied for a variety of reasons such as not enough space in the school district, current or past expulsion, habitual truancy or behavioral issues, a late or invalid application, and more.

You may appeal the school district’s decision to the Department of Public Instruction within 30 days of the rejection. If the Department of Public Instruction upholds the rejection, you may appeal the decision to circuit court.

No. Students currently enrolled in eAchieve Academy do not need to reapply.

Yes. Any full-time eAchieve Academy online high school or middle school student who needs a computer will be provided with a free laptop at no expense to the family.

Students who prefer to use their own computer may do so as well. Most PCs or Macs purchased in recent years should meet the needs of eAchieve Academy technology requirements.

Technology Requirements 

No. Certain classes may have associated fees for lab kits, but there are no mandatory extra costs if you apply to our online high school during open enrollment.

Most class content will work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. However, some JAVA and Flash-based content is not supported on all mobile phones. Contact our online K12 school for more information on required technology for virtual education.

Technology Requirements 

Yes. A $15 per month ($60 per semester) stipend is provided to families and paid after the successful completion of each semester. In addition, Time Warner and Comcast provide further assistance to low-income families. Ask an eAchieve Academy enrollment coordinator for more details.

Technology Requirements 

Yes. Here is a list of all the state tests required as a condition of enrollment. Parents will be responsible for transporting their children to and from proctoring locations established around the state.


Grades: 2nd – 8th
Dates: April


Grades: 11th
Dates: April

ACT Aspire

Grades: 9th & 10th
Dates: Late April-May


K – 2nd
Dates: Various

Students are also required to take the MAP test three times throughout the school year. The MAP test is a school-administered test taken from home on the student’s computer to monitor their progress in reading and math skills. For more questions about standardized testing, contact the online schooling experts at eAchieve Academy.

No. eAchieve Academy makes every attempt to use free, open software whenever possible. Any non-freeware required for a course will be provided at no cost. The only possible costs incurred to you would be for lab kits or physical textbooks for certain courses.

Technology Requirements 

Yes! If you are transferring to eAchieve Academy for your senior year, you will likely be required to meet the graduation requirements of the school you’re transferring from. A good first step is talking to your high school academic advisor about transferring to online school. eAchieve does accept credits earned at other schools prior to enrollment at eAchieve, but transfer students have to earn a minimum of 4 credits at eAchieve to graduate from our online high school. High school seniors in Wisconsin also have the option of staying enrolled at their current school and taking all their classes online with us. This is a popular choice for seniors who want to keep playing sports in high school but study online.

All Wisconsin Kindergarten, middle school and high school students are eligible to enroll at eAchieve Academy. Students can take classes as full-time students or as part-time students to augment the curriculum at the brick and mortar school they attend. Home schooled students are welcome to take classes online to supplement their at-home curriculum. We also offer special needs education for students with IEPs.

More On Special Ed 

Absolutely! There are many opportunities to interact with your online classmates. We have numerous clubs, including snow club, National Honor Society, science club and a student council. You can get together with classmates at activities in different parts of the state for some water park fun, skiing and snow tubing, hiking, athletic events, field trips and bowling. eAchieve Academy even holds prom in Wisconsin Dells every spring and an online talent show!

You can also stay in regular contact with your classmates through online discussion boards, open time before the weekly eSessions while the teacher is prepping for the class and through IM. With eAchieve Academy, you have the opportunity to meet and enjoy new friends without all the extra drama of a traditional school.

Getting Social 

Students at eAchieve Academy are not eligible to compete in WIAA-sanctioned events. Taking part in other activities, like intramural sports or club activities, is at the discretion of your resident school. If you live in the southeastern Wisconsin area, you are welcome to participate in clubs sponsored by the School District of Waukesha middle and high schools. Contact our online high school for more information on eligibility in sports, clubs and other activities.

Student Activities 

Virtual schooling can be a great option for students with social anxiety or other social disorders that make a traditional brick-and-mortar education a struggle. Online K-12 school gives you the flexibility to pursue the classwork and social interaction that is best for YOUR child.

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Enrolling in online high school is a big step towards an alternative lifestyle, especially for high schoolers used to the routine of attending brick-and-mortar classes at a traditional public schools. Learn more about what online K-12 school is like for students and parents in Wisconsin.


The technological innovation in the early 21st century is completely changing the K-12 educational landscape. Parents and students have all sorts of potential options to make the most of their K-12 education.

Here are some of the biggest differences between online learning and traditional learning for elementary, middle and high school students. eAchieve Academy provides an all-around option that makes the most of all the perks offered by private school, homeschooling and traditional brick and mortar public school education.

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It depends on the student – many of our pupils find our online 6th grade curriculum easier than a traditional brick-and-mortar school setting because it eliminates commuting, social dramas and other distractions. Online students get to study at their own pace, moving quickly through subjects they find easy, and spending more time improving at challenging subjects. Switching to online school starting in 6th grade can be a great option for students with anxiety, because they have ample opportunity to ask questions and benefit from more one-on-one personalized learning.

Live eSession classes using web conferencing are led by your experience instructors every week. These live sessions enable you to see presentations and demonstrations while interacting with the entire class. The live eSessions encourage discussion through real-time voice communications, instant messaging and an interactive white board. Using the technology, you can raise your hand, ask and answer questions, take polls and work with other students.

If you can’t attend the live eSession, they are recorded for you to watch when and where it best works for you.

How Online School Works 

Each course has a pace chart to lay out your path to success. They are your best tool to ensure you stay on target to successfully complete the class. Stick to the pace chart and you should not fall behind in your coursework.

Preparing For Success 

eAchieve Academy teachers are passionate about helping you succeed. They take great pride in their responsiveness. Many teachers report excellent communication with their students through the eAchieve Academy online program. Whether it’s by email, phone, or live eSessions, they are readily available to clarify material and answer your questions. In addition, most teachers hold regularly scheduled online office hours each week for students to drop in and ask questions or get help.

Meet The Teachers 

Whether you are an eAchieve Academy online middle school or high school student, all your assignments are submitted through our virtual school web site. Elementary students submit their work via Google Drive. If you have any more questions about how online school works, contact our virtual learning experts at eAchieve Academy.

All class requirements must be completed by the end of the semester. The pace charts provided for each course should be used as a guide to avoid falling behind. We very strongly encourage all of our students to keep up with the pace recommended by your instructor to avoid having too much to do at the end of the semester.

Preparing For Success 

Our courses are designed to require approximately an hour of studying each day. Advanced students may finish more quickly. Students who need a little more time can take as long as they need. eAchieve Academy offers you an flexible online school environment putting you and your family in charge of your study schedule.

Being able to work through tests, learning activities and assessments at your own pace is one of the primary benefits of attending a virtual middle and high school. Students are provided with handy pace charts to track their progress throughout courses. You can learn whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. A weekly schedule is provided for each class and you are strongly encourage to stay on pace. If the weekly schedule does not fit your personal needs, there is no penalty if you need to adjust and adapt it. All work must be submitted by the end of each semester, though.

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Similar to a traditional school setting, your virtual learning experience will feature reading and writing assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. In addition, there will be simulations, discussion boards, blogs and wikis. The difference is everything is posted online and available from the first day of school. You get to learn in a comfortable environment while working on assignments at a time fitting your lifestyle.

Our two eAchieve Academy school counselors travel around the state in the spring to help you determine which classes to take to meet graduation requirements while also tapping into your interests and life goals. With more than 115 classes, including advanced placement classes and dual college credit classes, you have plenty of choices!

Meet Our Counselors 

Regular, Honors and AP classes have differences, and they can all be a valuable part of your high school career. The main thing to know is that AP classes give high schoolers the opportunity to earn college credit as they work towards their diploma.

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Wisconsin doesn’t specify how many credits a 9th grader should have completed by the end of the school year, but a minimum of 22 credits and a passing grade on the district civics test is required to graduate from eAchieve Academy. All eAchieve students have an academic advisor to help them plan a course load that will put them on the path to graduation within 4 years, but students also have the option of taking extra classes.

Same requirements as at any accredited public or private school. You need to take a minimum number of classes and receive a passing grade (generally, a “D” or better is considered a passing grade). In addition to a passing grade, you need to have completed all assigned coursework. eAchieve Academy is committed to the academic success of all our students, and you can count on our Wisconsin certified teachers to keep you motivated, engaged and on-track toward graduation.

All 9th grade students should take a combination of required core courses and electives. The best classes to take varies from student to student, based on your general and academic interests. A motivated freshman who wants to graduate early will have their own priorities, as will a 9th grader with a specific college or career in mind already.

  • Choosing classes for a career
  • College admission requirements

The 9th grade curriculum at eAchieve Academy mirrors the core curriculum offered at traditional high schools, but supplements it with electives and courses that prepare online learners for everyday life—like our Career Planning and Life Skills classes, for instance. Additionally, academically gifted students can take more challenging, upper level courses including AP classes if the 9th grade coursework is too easy for them. From choosing when you want to study to what you study, online learning at eAchieve Academy offers students much greater flexibility than conventional high schools.

To graduate high school in Wisconsin, there’s a core curriculum students are required to complete. eAchieve Academy offers all those core classes plus a much broader range of elective options available to students as early as the 10th grade. Sophomores can build on the core classes taken in 9th grade or explore other subjects of interest to them. A typical 10th grade course selection includes core classes in English, math, science and social studies, plus electives or AP coursework (based on individual student needs and preferences). If you’re having a hard time deciding which classes to take in 10th grade you should speak to your high school guidance counselor or academic advisor.

Generally, you want to have 5 to 6.5 credits completed in your sophomore year. Some students may only finish 5, while others may complete more. What really matters is how many credits you have completed by the end of your senior year. In Wisconsin you need 22 credits to graduate high school, along with a passing grade on a civics test.

All 11th grade students should start by taking core courses required for graduation. Juniors planning on college should choose electives that will challenge them academically and give their application an edge – for example AP classes. 11th grade students planning on entering the workforce after high school should choose their electives based on personal and professional interests – for example personal financial planning, digital technologies, entrepreneurship or psychology. If you’re unsure what classes to take, don’t worry. All eAchieve students have an academic advisor to help.

If you’re planning on continuing your education in college and want to attend a top tier school with a great scholarship package, the answer is “as high as possible.” 3.5 and up is a good rule of thumb for top universities, but it all depends on the admission requirements for the school you have in mind. Remember colleges don’t just look at your GPA, they look at your whole transcript. Earning a 4.0 taking the minimum requirements won’t be as impressive as earning a somewhat lower GPA from consistently challenging courses. Ultimately it’s work ethic, not grades alone, that spells success after high school.

Requirements vary from school to school, but generally a minimum of 5 credits are required for the 11th grade. What’s more important is planning your course load so that by the end of your senior year you have the 22 credits you need to graduate. Online junior year courses make it easier to earn high school credits online, whether you need to play catch-up or want to graduate early.

An NCAA-approved class is one that meets the academic requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, a nonprofit organization that organizes higher education athletic programs and regulates student athletes. All NCAA-approved classes have a defined timeline for completion and must include regular teacher-initiated interaction throughout the course to ensure students are on track with their coursework.

Yes! The NCAA understands that many student athletes cannot pursue their dreams and attend a conventional high school at the same time. For this reason, the NCAA accepts online high school courses that meet their criteria. eAchieve Academy offers many core courses that fully comply with the NCAA’s requirements. If you’re juggling athletic training and education, eAchieve Academy may just be the solution for you.

By your senior year, you should be finishing up any courses required for graduation and exploring electives in subjects of potential career interest. Motivated seniors planning on college should consider taking AP classes, which help prepare you for higher education and can even save you money on college tuition. If you attend a traditional high school and find yourself a credit or two short of the requirements for graduation, don’t despair. You can take up to 2 online courses through eAchieve each semester, which can help you catch up and graduate with your class.

Yes! Just like all students who want to play Division I or II NCAA sports in college, home-schooled students will need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and complete the registration process.

Required steps include submitting ACT or SAT scores, official transcripts for every high school program attended (including a home school), dated proof of graduation and a signed statement from the person who taught and evaluated homeschool coursework.

eAchieve’s online courses (including NCAA approved courses) are available as a free supplement to homeschooled students in Wisconsin, who can take one or two online classes with us each semester to supplement their homeschool curriculum.

If your school doesn’t offer AP classes (or at least the AP classes you’re looking for to get into your favorite college), you’ll be interested in availability for online AP courses. Taking AP classes outside of high school in Wisconsin is as easy as enrolling for FREE with eAchieve Academy.

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AP students are expected to analyze techniques of historical artwork at a college level. Although AP coursework may be difficult, many of our students like the practice in critical thinking that allows them to advance in other courses.

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Although AP classes take a lot of dedication, the benefits of taking an online AP course are worth it! In addition to gaining incredible knowledge, students will get college credit and college course experience to prepare them for future higher education courses.

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The course takes one year to complete, and works much like a regular class except more in-depth. Students in AP Art History focus specific art periods and disciplines, then end with a state administered AP exam to determine how much college credit they’ve earned.

AP classes are not necessary to graduate high school, but are beneficial for students who want to earn college credit and reduce their high-level education costs in the future. AP Art History specializes in topics that can help students who want to pursue careers in history and art.

Graduation Requirements 

eAchieve offers an extensive collection of online AP classes for high school students to enroll in. Start your path today to further your knowledge, advance your credits, and prepare for college with courses offered at eAchieve.

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Research often helps students figure out how many AP classes they should take in a year, but a student’s ability to handle coursework changes year to year. Challenge yourself at first, but try not to overwhelm yourself with work!

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One of the many benefits of taking AP classes is that they count more towards your GPA than standard courses: which means that it is possible for students to achieve a GPA greater than 4.0! Many of our AP students see this as a safety net and a challenge to graduate with a 4.0+ (very impressive to colleges).

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Start your path to online AP classes today to begin getting college credit, advance your knowledge, and prepare yourself for higher education with the courses offered at eAchieve all on your terms.

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Start by considering AP classes in subjects you’re very interested in and subjects where you’ve had academic success. If you already know what you want to study in college, you can choose AP courses aligned with your intended major.

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Absolutely. Homeschooled students are welcome to apply at eAchieve and can enroll in one or two online classes each semester as a supplement to their curriculum. Our online AP classes are open to homeschoolers as well as students attending traditional brick and mortar schools.

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There are pros and cons to AP classes, and they’re not the right choice for all high school students. But for motivated students looking for a challenge, they can be a great way to prepare for college.

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AP classes are designed to be about as hard as an introductory level college class. Of course the learning environment and type of instructor will vary when comparing AP and college classes.

For the most part colleges like seeing AP classes on transcripts because it shows that a student is pushing themselves academically. You will need to earn good enough grades and exam scores to complete the picture however.

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Managing multiple AP courses is doable, but it takes commitment to learning and applying time management skills.

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Both dual enrollment and high school AP courses provide more of an academic challenge compared to regular classes. If your main motivation is earning college credit early, you’ll probably want to stick with AP classes.

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A sophomore student’s ability to register for AP classes varies depending on the school. In some cases you’ll need a teacher’s recommendation, or have to earn a good enough grade in a prerequisite course.

At eAchieve the decision is up to you. You can make the switch to our online high school and fill up your 10th grade schedule with regular and AP classes. Or choose part-time enrollment, stick with your regular school and just take one or two online classes you’re interested in.

We encourage all students to sign up for the most challenging classes they can handle without becoming overwhelmed. Online high school students enrolled full-time with us get a dedicated academic advisor available to help you determine the best classes for your 10th grade year.

It depends on your plans for after high school. If you want to attend a highly competitive college, you should consider your intended major and take the most challenging courses you can in that department.

In general, sophomores should take AP classes in subjects they’re passionate about. AP coursework is rigorous, and you’ll have an easier time if you’re truly interested and engaged, not just doing it for how the AP class will look on your transcript.

Every student is different, so there’s no set number of AP courses recommended for sophomores. If you already took an AP class freshman year and did well, you might feel comfortable taking 2 or even 3 AP classes in 10th grade.

If you’re new to AP coursework, you could start with just one AP class in 10th grade so you can get used to the difficulty level and amount of homework. You’ll still have plenty of time junior and senior year to take additional AP classes. We’ve put together a guide on how many AP classes you should take in each grade to help students plan their course selections.

Yes, if you’re a motivated student and enjoy challenging yourself, you can take Advanced Placement classes in the 10th grade. There are 11 online AP classes open to eAchieve sophomores. AP classes not only count toward the 6.5 elective credits you’ll need for graduation, but a high enough score on the corresponding AP exam can exempt you from an entry level college course in that subject—which can save you money on college tuition.

Different high schools have different requirements for freshmen who want to take AP classes. Sometimes it’s as easy as signing up for the AP class you want. Other schools require a teacher’s recommendation. In some cases a student must complete a prerequisite course and earn at least a B before they can take the AP course.

All full-time high school students at eAchieve have an academic advisor who works one-on-one with them. Talking to an AP Coordinator or AP teacher can also help you determine whether taking an AP class freshman year is the right move.

You can also enroll part-time with us, keep attending your current school and take one or two online classes.

If you’d like to know more, check out our guide to how AP classes work. We’ve also created some guidelines on how many AP classes to take each year of high school to act as a jumping-off point for planning your course selections.

Every school has a different policy when it comes to registering for AP classes. Sometimes you need a teacher’s recommendation, or you need to pass a prerequisite class with a good enough grade.

At eAchieve the decision to sign up for AP classes is up to you. If you’ve been doing well in core courses and honors classes and are up for the challenge you should try taking AP classes your junior year – especially if you plan on going to college. Learn more about how AP classes work or contact us with your questions – we’re here to help!

Most high school juniors interested in AP classes should take between two and four AP classes. It’s a bit of a balancing act since you’ll want to allow time to prepare for the ACT and SAT tests in 11th grade. You should also consider your overall GPA.

You don’t want to overload your schedule with AP classes and have your grades suffer because you can’t keep up. Check out our guide to how many AP classes you should take each year of high school to get a sense of how to plan your course selections.

If there’s an Advanced Placement class in a subject you find interesting and you’re otherwise on track with the credits you’ll need to graduate, by all means take an AP class or two. Taking AP classes senior year can impress college admissions officers, as long as you do well in them. Because they’re more challenging, taking AP classes senior year can be a great way to prepare for college-level classes. Earning a high enough score on the AP exam may also let you earn college credits ahead of time, potentially saving money on college tuition.

It depends on your plans for after graduation. For college-bound students who want to test out of their intended college’s foreign language requirement, doing well on an AP foreign language exam in high school can help you meet that goal. For students who want to major in a world language in college, taking AP world language courses in high school can give you a head start.

AP foreign language courses are ideal for motivated high school students who have a passion for world languages and cultures. If you’ve done well in standard high school foreign language classes and want to take a deeper dive into your favorite, an AP course is a great option. Because AP classes are more challenging (equivalent to a first-year college class), they’re not recommended for beginners or for students who struggle learning foreign language.

There are two main things to consider when picking your 11th grade AP classes:

  • Your intended college major
  • Your academic interests

For example if you plan on getting an engineering degree in college, you should consider taking AP Calculus and AP Physics. If you’re leaning towards a degree in social sciences, choose classes like AP World History and AP Psychology.

If you have your heart set on a specific university, find out recommended classes for admissions including which AP class credits are accepted.

If you haven’t decided what you want to major in (which is fine!), choose AP classes that pique your interest and aim to create a well-rounded schedule for yourself. If you love the subject matter you’ll have an easier time putting in the work to earn a good grade and AP test score.

How many AP classes you should take senior year depends on how many you’ve taken in 9th-11th grades and how you fared. If you’ve done well in AP classes before 12th grade you should plan on taking additional AP classes senior year. By now you’ve probably earned most of the core credits you need to graduate, so there should be more room in your schedule for elective like AP classes.

College-bound seniors could aim for 2-4 AP classes senior year. If you’re applying to highly competitive schools you could take as many as 5-6. Our guide to how many AP classes you should take each year of high school can help you plan your course selections so you’re not stuck scrambling.

Don’t get so focused on the number of AP classes that you have little time to spend applying for scholarships and college admissions. Balance is key, and talking to your school’s academic advisor is a good place to start.

There are a couple of strategies for picking the best AP classes in 12th grade. First, there’s the potential to test out of and/or receive early college credit in certain subjects. No matter what you major in, you’ll have to take math and English classes in college. If you score high enough in AP English and AP Calculus you might not have to retake them at university.

The other approach is based on your intended college major, if you have one. As an example, if you know you want to major in one of the hard sciences, definitely get a head start on college-level science classes with AP Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

No matter which AP classes you take in 12th grade, getting accustomed to college-level material will benefit you down the road. So if you’re interested in a specific subject like AP Art History or AP Computer Science, go for it!

AP history classes are ideal for students with a passion for history who want to dive deeper into their favorite subject material. AP history courses are also a great way for motivated college-bound students to boost their GPA, make their college applications stand out and even earn college credit while still in high school.


The difficulty of an AP science class depends largely on a student’s overall science background, aptitude and interest. In general, AP science classes are considered harder than other AP subjects, with the hardest individual classes being AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.


Which AP science class is easiest depends heavily on an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, but most people agree AP Biology is the easiest of the AP science classes.

It depends what year of high school you’re in, and how easy or challenging you find regular and honors high school science courses. For students well-suited to AP coursework the general recommendation is to start with one AP class your freshman year, 2 your sophomore year, 2 or more junior year, and up to 5 AP classes senior year. For more details, check out our online guide to high school AP classes.

Social Studies is the collective term for classes that focus on the study of human society. Also called Social Sciences, classes in this category include economics, psychology, geography, political science, history, anthropology, government/civics and more. AP social studies courses are more challenging than regular high school social studies classes, and are designed to meet the standards of introductory level college courses.

The hardest or easiest AP social studies class will be different for each student based on their individual interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Based on the number of students who pass various AP exams each year the hardest AP social studies class is AP US History (a little over half of students who take the exam score 3 or higher). Again, there is more to consider when comparing the difficulty of different AP social studies classes, like your familiarity with the topic and your comfort with the instructor’s teaching approach.

Graduates of eAchieve Academy receive a regular high school diploma from the School District of Waukesha. All of our graduates are encouraged to take part in June commencement. eAchieve Academy has more graduates than any other Wisconsin virtual high school!

You will graduate from eAchieve Academy with more than just a diploma, though. You will have an edge over many of your peers because you will have developed self-discipline, critical thinking and time management skills to work independently. These traits will help you thrive in college, work and life.

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If you are senior-aged, short high school credits, under age 21 and want to earn your high school diploma, eAchieve Academy can help. We offer a competency-based diploma for people who want to graduate high school but lack the credits to do so. Contact Anna Lardinois for details at 262-224-8114.

Competency Program 

An online public charter school like eAchieve Academy helps students and adults under age 21 get the final credits they need to graduate, finish high school online and get their diploma. It’s as easy as applying for enrollment and help us help YOU iron out the details and get your diploma.

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Online high school graduation requirements are akin to all Wisconsin high schools and meet college admissions requirements. In fact, eAchieve Academy graduates are accepted to a wide range of in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities. Many of our graduates receive great college scholarships!

Graduation Requirements 

Yes, colleges look at freshman grades, and 9th grade classes will impact your overall high school GPA. However, don’t fret if you weren’t exactly a standout scholar in your freshman year. The first year of high school is a big change from middle school, and it may take a little time to adjust. Colleges are more interested in seeing a pattern of improvement as you progress through your high school years.

Colleges look at your grades from all four years of high school including your 10th grade classes. They are looking for (ideally) one of two trends: strong academic performance throughout your high school career, or a pattern showing consistent improvement and progression. Keep in mind college admissions officials don’t just look at grades, they consider the classes. If you’ve already earned top grades your freshman year, try challenging yourself with more advanced coursework sophomore year. Colleges are looking for applicants who demonstrate not only academic ability but determination.

It is actually possible to graduate in the 11th grade, but you generally need to test out of some introductory level classes and will likely need to take on additional coursework early in your high school years. If you’re highly motivated to graduate before your senior year, you should take extra high school classes over the summer, as well as during the school year. Online learning through eAchieve is a great way to earn extra high school credits and get ahead.

It depends on the school. Some colleges won’t accept applications from juniors as a rule. Others will let juniors apply if they meet specific criteria, namely acquiring a high school diploma before starting college. They may also require a minimum number of core classes in mathematics or English. If your goal is to graduate early, and you have the discipline and intellect to complete all the requirements, eAchieve Academy will do everything possible to help you make it happen.

Yes – and letting your grades, attendance or extracurricular involvement go down the tubes senior year can potentially sabotage your plans for higher education. Because most students apply to colleges toward the end of the first semester of their senior year, college admissions officers usually only see your freshman through junior year grades – at first. Most will require a mid-year report with your final grades from first semester of senior year. Some schools even grant admission contingent upon your final senior year grades. If you’re on a wait list for your first-choice school, keeping your grades up your entire senior year is a must to increase your odds of admission.

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