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Working Students Find Time to Study with Wisconsin’s Online Public Schools

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When Work and School Schedules Conflict, Online Courses Are a Great Alternative

Online High School Student Working on Family FarmSome high school students work full-time to support themselves and their family. Whether their job involves working on the family farm or is a position with an outside business, students face the same problem: getting their schedules to fit. Both school and work demand several hours each day. Unfortunately, they often require the same hours, leading to scheduling conflicts and stress.

With eAchieve Academy’s flexible online courses, students are free to work when they need to and study when it’s convenient.

Our courses do not require students be present or online during set times. Instead, students are free to work on their classes at night, on the weekend or whenever they have time. Pace charts are provided to make sure students don’t fall behind and our teachers are always available to help. eAchieve’s online classes let students find the perfect work/study balance to succeed in school, at work and in life.

Free Online High School Courses for Working Wisconsin Students

If a sudden change requires your student to start working, Open Enrollment in eAchieve Academy’s online high school can be a perfect solution. Wisconsin students can enroll immediately for free, and even receive a free laptop. Enroll today to see why eAchieve Academy is one of Wisconsin’s leading online charter schools.

Watch Video Testimonials from Online Students

Whether you’re working on your family’s farm or maintaining your own, online classes give you the flexibility you need. Hear what working students have to say about eAchieve.

Contact eAchieve to learn how online high school classes can fit your work schedule.
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