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An unplanned pregnancy in your high school years throws everything off kilter. In addition to the social stigma that comes with a teen pregnancy, there can be health issues during the pregnancy that result in missed school days. Then, there’s the dilemma of juggling the work of parenting with classes and homework.

While girls bear the brunt of an unplanned pregnancy, boys also face new responsibilities that can make school seem like the least of their worries. Besides helping with parenting duties, they may also take on full-time jobs to handle the expenses of having a child.

Unfortunately, a high school pregnancy often puts a halt to a high school education—particularly for girls.

How many high school students get pregnant?

Teen pregnancy rates have been on the decline for over 20 years, but are still a concern. In 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, the teen pregnancy rate for girls age 15 through 19 was a little over 4.3%. Approximately 61% of those pregnancies ended in a live birth, 15% ended in a miscarriage, and 25% ended with an abortion.

What percentage of teen mothers finish high school?

Per statistics cited by the National Conference of State Legislatures, only 40% of teen mothers finish high school.

What are the options when it comes to high schools for teenage mothers and parenting students?

Pregnant teens and teen moms who don’t want to deal with the social stigma of attending school pregnant, or can’t because of child care duties, have three options if they want to finish high school: homeschooling, a residential program for expecting teens, and online learning.

Homeschooling only works if there is a parent or another responsible adult willing to be involved. Often, though, the parents of pregnant teens have their own full-time jobs and just cannot put in the time necessary to make homeschooling work.

Residential programs are often faith-based organization that provide for both the educational and health needs of pregnant girls in a live-in setting. This works well for some expecting mothers, but most teens want to stay in their own home.

Online learning is the best option for pregnant students and new mothers who want to stay at home and complete their high school education on their own terms, without the social drama of attending school pregnant or as a teen mom. It’s also a good option for teen dads who may need to take on a job to provide for their child. 

Benefits of online learning at eAchieve Academy

  • There is no cost to Wisconsin high school students to attend eAchieve Academy
  • All Wisconsin residents under 21 are eligible for our free classes, no matter which WI school district you live in
  • All full-time students are eligible to receive a free laptop and a stipend for internet access fees after the completion of each successful semester
  • eAchieve classes mirror the core curriculum offered by high schools throughout Wisconsin and include a wide range of electives, as well as AP classes.
  • eAchieve teachers are all experienced, Wisconsin-certified instructors
  • Coursework can be completed at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you
  • All classes give students the opportunity to interact with their teacher and other students in a weekly eSession virtual class
  • All eAchieve students have an academic advisor to help keep them on track toward graduation and motivated to reach their full potential
  • As a fully accredited public charter school, a diploma from eAchieve is as valid as one from any other high school in Wisconsin

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Having a child while you’re in high school is not the end of the world

It may seem like life as you knew it is over, and while there will definitely be big changes you still have a life to live, dreams to dream, and goals to reach. One of those goals should be completing high school and getting a diploma. Without it, your prospects for the future become increasingly dim.

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