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If you’re the parent of a student who is struggling academically in school, you know how hard it is to see your child slip further and further behind the rest of the class. Whether your child lacks motivation, needs extra help, or has a learning disability, the frustration and sense of failure is painfully evident in your child every time report cards come out.

Like many parents, you may be looking into alternatives to the school your child currently attends. You may even be open to a non-traditional approach to learning. If this describes you, read on. You may find eAchieve Academy offers the best solution.

Options for struggling high school students in Wisconsin

Tutoring. When a student has problems learning, parents will often look to hiring a tutor to help. While a good tutor can often help, it can be impractical (and expensive) in situations where students need ongoing help.

Private school. A private school can be an option in cases where a student's academic performance is being negatively influenced by social distractions and dramas, and may provide the more individualized attention a struggling student needs. However, a private school is an extremely expensive proposition and the more rigorous academic standards of most private schools can be a problem for a struggling student.

Homeschooling. Often, the school environment plays a significant role in a student’s academic problems, particularly for students who need to spend more time on a concept than the teacher has allotted for it. The social distractions and dramas of high school also cause problems for some students. Homeschooling allows students to take the time they need to grasp new subject matter and completely eliminates social distractions, but it requires the involvement of a parent. If both parents are working full time, or even part-time, homeschooling just isn’t a realistic option.

Online learning. Virtual learning has become an increasingly popular alternative to the conventional high school experience, particularly for students who struggle academically. While there are several online schools Wisconsin students can enroll in, Wisconsin students are fortunate to have the option of attending eAchieve Academy--the only virtual charter school in the country to be included in a national news magazine's list of the top high schools in America.

Benefits of attending eAchieve Academy

  • No cost for Wisconsin residents, no matter which WI school district you live in
  • All full-time students are eligible to receive a free laptop and a stipend for internet access fees after the completion of each successful semester
  • All eAchieve teachers are experienced, Wisconsin-certified instructors committed to helping every student reach his/her full potential
  • All eAchieve students have an academic advisor to help keep them motivated and on track toward graduation
  • Our online K-12 classes mirror the core curriculum offered by public schools throughout Wisconsin and include a wide range of electives
  • Coursework can be completed at the student's own pace, wherever and whenever they choose
  • All classes offer students the opportunity to interact with their teacher and other students in a weekly eSession virtual class
  • As a fully accredited public charter school, a diploma from our online academy is as valid as one from any other high school in Wisconsin

Options for struggling students include online classesReal struggles, real solutions

Students with disabilities and those who have been identified as special needs students face serious academic and social obstacles in a conventional school setting. For these students, an individualized Education Plan (IEP) is necessary. An IEP is a legal document that lays out in detail a personalized learning plan for a student with a disability.

The first step in the process of accommodating a student with a disability is determining that a student has a disability that impairs their ability to learn. A disability can range from a vision or hearing problem to conditions such as ADD and behavioral disabilities.

eAchieve Academy has a full-time special education staff dedicated to helping special needs students reach their highest potential. eAchieve teachers and counselors collaborate to provide the specialized services and accommodations special needs students and their parents need, based on the student’s IEP.


eAchieve Academy is equipped to handle special needs such as:

If the school your child attends now isn’t helping your struggling student in any meaningful way, consider an alternative education solution. eAchieve Academy’s special education staff will provide the one-on-one academic assistance your child needs and connect you with the resources you need as a parent.

Enrollment at eAchieve is free, tuition is free for all Wisconsin students, and even the laptop we provide all students is theirs to keep at the completion of the year. We also provide a stipend for your internet success at the completion of each successful semester.

Contact eAchieve online with your questions, or request enrollment information to get started.
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