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Why students choose online classes

Free online learning for students in Wisconsin’s rural areas

Online students >> Rural areas

Rural students have more choices with our accredited virtual academy

Rural virtual academy with free online elementary, middle and high school education

Online classes offer more selection, flexibility & independence for students in rural communities.

For students living in the Northwoods, in sparsely populated areas along the Mississippi or elsewhere in Wisconsin’s rural areas, school days can include lengthy commutes to and from the nearest school.

Elementary, middle and high school education in rural areas comes with a unique set of problems. It’s harder to attract and retain the best teachers in rural school districts. The selection of middle and high school courses is less diverse. Less access to both human and technological resources means services and equipment are often shared among multiple schools.

Wisconsin is one of only 12 states in the nation to provide less funding per student for rural school districts, compared to urban and suburban school districts – even though it almost always costs rural districts MORE to serve each student.

Rural living, virtual learning

Your education isn’t limited by your ZIP code. We don’t think students living in rural areas should be denied educational opportunities because of the tax base in their community.

eAchieve Academy is a great option for students living in Wisconsin’s rural school districts. We have a wide range of accredited online core courses and electives, amazing teachers and the prospect of making social connections with students from all across the state. Best of all, learning online at our virtual academy is completely free.

School choice in rural areas

Your choice of public school isn’t determined by the physical distance between you and the brick-and-mortar institutions in your area.

Online school eliminates bus rides for rural students

Stop commuting & spend more time living.

eAchieve is an online public charter school, meaning we’re funded by Wisconsin tax dollars, just like other public schools in the state. All Wisconsin students are eligible to attend our virtual academy free of charge.

Our teachers are highly experienced in both virtual and traditional classroom settings, and all courses are fully accredited. Not a single one of our students has ever been denied entrance to college because they earned a high school diploma online.

Students can do all their learning online or keep going to their regular school and take some classes online for extra high school or even college credit.

Free laptop & internet stipend

One of the barriers to online schooling is the required technology and internet access. At eAchieve we help make quality online education more accessible by offering a free laptop with full-time enrollment.

Families can also apply for a stipend each semester to help defray the cost of internet at home.

E-learning in rural areas can fill the gaps in K-12 education and give all students the opportunity to benefit from the best public school classes Wisconsin offers. If you have questions or concerns about the technology required to access online classes, please contact us for more information.

Online school review from rural 10th grade student:

Our special education program extends to Wisconsin’s rural areas

We have a progressive online special education program open to elementary, middle and high school students with an IEP.

Our special education teachers are amazing and provide personalized attention for students with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and many other special needs.

Rural schools + online learning = a winning combination

Many people who live in Wisconsin’s rural areas have deep roots in their communities. You can hold on to the social ties, traditions and values you love and take advantage of learning opportunities you might not find at your local school.

eAchieve offers a wide range of free, accredited online classes including:

With our part-time enrollment option, students keep attending their regular school or homeschool program, and sign up for one or two online classes each semester.

Part-time enrollment is a great way to broaden your horizons without giving up what you love about your traditional school.

E-learning for rural areas

Online school empowers students to take an active role in learning.

Rural homeschooling supplement

Our classes are a great way to supplement a homeschool program. In fact, about a quarter of our students transferred to us from a home schooling environment, and even more take advantage of one or two online classes while continuing their homeschool studies.

Residents of rural school districts can finish their high school diploma online

By state law, students under 21 are eligible for public school education. If you’re 20 or younger and need to finish your high school diploma, eAchieve is an option for you.

Your credits from another public school or accredited private school will transfer, and we’ll help you figure out how many more credits you need to earn your diploma.

Online classes can also help motivated students graduate early and move on. No matter your plans for after high school, taking extra classes online can help you get there faster.

How our virtual academy works for rural Wisconsin

Whether you live in a city or in the country, life events happen than can make keeping up in a traditional school setting next to impossible. The need to work, family obligations, health concerns and issues like school anxiety can get in the way of a rigid class schedule.

With eAchieve, students enjoy a flexible schedule and learn at their own pace. Support is always there when you need it, as is the freedom to decide how and when you learn best.

Contact eAchieve Academy to learn more or take the first step towards online learning.
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