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Students with Medical Needs in Wisconsin Are Free to Study When They Can

Online Education Lets Students with Medical Issues Stay on Track to Graduate

Student Studying Online Course Material from WheelchairFor students who struggle with medical issues, brick and mortar school can be difficult. Balancing their health and studies while sitting in class for long stretches at a time can cause problems. Ideally, students would be able to receive a top notch education without jeopardizing their health.

eAchieve Academy’s online environment lets students with medical problems study when they can.

Students are free to take a few days off to recover and study for longer stretches when they are up to it. Our pace charts make sure they do not fall behind in their studies. For students who still want to attend some classes at their local school, they can elect to take two classes per semester with eAchieve. These classes can be used to shorten the length of a normal school day, reducing any stress from staying on-site for many hours.

Students with Medical Issues Easily Transfer to Free Online High School

Wisconsin’s leading online charter school, eAchieve Academy, is ideal for students with medical issues including traumatic brain injury and many others. If your student’s medical issues suddenly worsen and they must withdraw from traditional classes, eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program makes it easy to quickly switch to online high school . Should their condition improve but they are still unable to attend school full-time, they can receive full credit from part-time courses online. Don’t let medical conditions prevent your student from receiving the education they deserve.

Watch Video Testimonials from Online Students

Students and parents choose eAchieve for many different reasons. Whether you have medical needs preventing you from attending traditional school or you simply prefer online elementary school, middle school, or high school for its convenience and flexibility, eAchieve is a unique and ideal option.

Contact Wisconsin online school for students with medical needs, eAchieve Academy, for more information.
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